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Deodorizing micro flush toilet

If it’s yellow, let it mellow, without the smello
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Some people opt to not flush liquids, leaving their piss in the bowl until there’s something solid to flush. Great for reducing the water usage, but your home bathroom ends up smelling like an alley behind a pub.

The deodorizing micro flush toilet automatically dispenses a small amount of deodorizing compound directly into the bowl every time someone uses it, whether they flush or not. It might be alcohol or hydrogen peroxide based, and kept in a refillable compartment separate from the main toilet tank. This would stop odors at the source, more efficiently than spraying air freshener around the room.

The lifecycle cost and environmental impact would likely be higher than just flushing the damned toilet every time you use it, but you could at least feel smug about reducing water usage.

a1, Sep 16 2022

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       A little dab of bleach?   

whatrock, Sep 16 2022

       // bleach /:   

       H2O2 is a bleaching agent. Since my preference is to eliminate odors I'd rather not introduce new ones like chlorine. But it would be an option for people who like that kind of thing.
a1, Sep 16 2022

       //smelling like an alley behind a pub// Sounds good, where do I sign up?
pocmloc, Sep 16 2022

       // where do I sign up? //   

       You may apply at any or all of these in Hartlepool: The Rose & Crown, The Pig & Whistle, or The Jolly Riveters.
a1, Sep 16 2022

       Oooh! a subject I'm strangely qualified to comment on. Until I recently moved, I had a toilet I'd modified for smell reduction.   

       I fully understand why building codes mandate bathroom fans, it's to mitigate the build up of mold from shower-derived moisture. However, the full bathroom in my last house didn't have a fan, instead the 1/2 bathroom (just a sink & toilet) was fitted with a particularly cheap and noisy fan, I don't know if this arrangement was up to code, or just some form of freaky bureaucratic loophole based on the american obsession with euphemistic descriptions of toilet facilities*. Anyhow, any time I popped into the downstairs bathroom for a pee, the fan would run for several minutes dumping a few hundred cubic feet of expensively heated/cooled air outside. I felt this was a crude, expensive and noisy solution.   

       So, a few minutes work with a ceramic drill bit and I fitted an aquarium air pump that took ~1l air/minute from under the rim and sent it to the air space in the top of the PVC pipe on the other side of the U-bend. It worked quite well, especially if the lid was down, though I'd recommend >2x that flow rate.   

       Cut to today and I'm pondering my new favorite seat in the house. This one has a convenient cabinet right above the throne. At the moment I haven't fitted the previous vent arrangement, but I have rigged up a float valve I found in one of my aquarium equipment boxes. The idea was to put a small tank of ~3% slightly acidified H2O2 on top of the cabinet and have it meter ~2-5ml of the solution per flush into the cistern. At the moment, I'm just leaving H2O2 in the cistern while at work to see if I spot the beginning of any corrosion.   

       What I haven't checked yet, is if a low concentration of H2O2 will be effective against the (surprisingly poorly studied) smelly stuff in urine <link>. Anyhow, I'll let you know how it goes.   

       *although I am aware that the word "toilet" is a euphemism itself.
bs0u0155, Sep 16 2022

       //The lifecycle cost and environmental impact would likely be higher than just flushing//   

       This sentence alone is worth a bun. The rest of the idea is worth another. Hey Doctor, can I get a bun over here?
Voice, Sep 16 2022

       [bs0u0155], I would seriously be interested in your findings on H2O2 odor elimination and effects on the fixtures. I wouldn't expect 3% to do any harm - what are you using to adjust the pH? As urine is typically acidic, I'd think you'd want to alkalize it.
a1, Sep 16 2022

       The acidification is a beneficial side effect of adding a touch of EDTA. H2O2 will take any excuse to degrade given time, any catalysts, such as copper ions will rapidly accelerate that. EDTA should chelate those and the acidification/EDTA combo is good for breaking up limescale.   

       I've just read that there's 5-120uM H2O2 in human urine, who knew!
bs0u0155, Sep 16 2022

       // who knew? //   

       Whoever wrote that paper, obviously. But maybe there are better deodorizers for this application. H2O2 was only the first that came to mind.
a1, Sep 16 2022

       Activated charcoal is the absolute king of deodorizing things. It's infinitely more effective than baking soda, which seems to be an enormous con pulled by Arm & Hammer, seriously, bin the baking soda and add a small container of activated charcoal - near the fan if you have one. Annoyingly with charcoal, it's a solid. So you can either throw in a pinch every time, or come up with a way of suspending it in some kind of viscous liquid that doesn't bind/block the charcoal pores.
bs0u0155, Sep 16 2022

       I was thinking of borax rather than baking soda. Both would dissolve readily and raise the pH to neutralize the piss - regardless of whatever other deodorizing properties they supposedly have. And they wouldn't turn the bowl black.
a1, Sep 16 2022

       Why are we assuming PH balanced urine will smell any better?
Voice, Sep 16 2022

       I'm not assuming, I'm making an initial guess that alkalizing it will break down a lot of the smelly stuff. A quick web search on urine odors and borax seems to support that - but most of those search hits are from companies selling borax.
a1, Sep 16 2022

       I had a compost toilet. We used a combination of sawdust, coffee chaff, and cocoa husks as the brown matter to cover our pee/poo.   

       Guests would go into the bathroom nervous and come out impressed. Best-smelling bathroom ever.
aniola, Sep 18 2022

       You may be describing those inedible scent trinkets which are hung somewhere in a toilet flushing's reach. Make it ludicrously big enough and it also saves water, although I just kept my coin piggybank inside the cistern for that purpose.
4and20, Sep 18 2022

       //I had a compost toilet.//   

       Ooh, I was going to mention those. Because /apparently/ (aniola please correct me if I'm wrong) they typically have a small extractor fan running in the composting chamber. This pulls air through the toilet, which means the room smells less than a lavatory with a flushing toilet.
Loris, Sep 18 2022


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