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Discreet Walker

Out of the way until you need it.
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A proper servant maintains a respectful distance when they aren’t needed, but is immediately available when they are.

A wheeled walker with only a very small motor and limited machine intelligence could behave similarly. After their master has comfortable seated themselves, the walker could roll off to some distance (even into another room) - and return when called.

For the same elderly friend who inspired variable height raised beds. Uses a wheeled walker sometimes but doesn’t like seeing it when she’s not using it - but grumbles when she needs it but it’s out of reach.

a1, May 16 2021

Variable Height Garden Beds Variable_20height_20raised_20beds
[a1, May 16 2021]


       Methinks, collapsible & deployable, like a folding blind- cane. Hip mounted?
neutrinos_shadow, May 16 2021

       Probably need special false teeth with a resonating cavity.
wjt, May 19 2021

       A walker with resonating false teeth would certainly clear a path through the crowds!
pocmloc, May 19 2021

       The crowd would hear a techno 'Hi-yo Lone Ranger, away' as Silver slowly strolls it's master forward.
wjt, May 22 2021


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