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Donald Trump Category

All posts now eventually lead to Donald Trump discussions, can we all agree he needs his own category?
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doctorremulac3, May 02 2020

Michael Forbes https://en.wikipedi...ael_Forbes_(farmer)
bullied by the fascist Trump [xenzag, May 02 2020]


       I'm surprised he doesn't. Self-named of course.
blissmiss, May 02 2020

       Everybody would like it. Haters, supporters, in this contentious age it's a Trump thing we can all come together on.   

       I think it would end up being the most posted on category ever. I probably wouldn't but I'd certainly peek in to see what was going on.
doctorremulac3, May 02 2020

       There's already "other: religion: deity or prophet" ...
8th of 7, May 02 2020

       He could just be hidden away from view and added to one already in existence that currently has no minor subsections such as: Circus - Clown - Trump.
xenzag, May 02 2020

       He really should have his own top level domain, ".don" ... immortality beckons.
8th of 7, May 02 2020

       No, he's probably too busy playing dice with the Universe ...
8th of 7, May 02 2020

       //It may seem that all posts lead there ...but they really don’t (links). He must be SO disappointed.//   

       The third one on the list is specifically about Trump. Didn't go down the rest but searching "Trump" his name turns up 386 times. Searching "Obama" I counted 100, George Bush 165, Bill Clinton 54. Worth noting these are all 8 year term presidents compared to Trump being under 4.   

       Trump is discussed here A LOT.   

       For further comparison, the infamous figure from history whose legacy is to be used to end all political arguments only got 212 mentions.
doctorremulac3, May 02 2020

       Why would Trump be mentioned in the years before he was president? It's a period of less than 4 years we're looking at, not twenty. Are you saying Trump isn't mentioned here a lot?   

       But wow, 1,972 matches for me, and 11,440 for 8th? I might want to consider getting a life.   

       Although I've heard those are underrated.
doctorremulac3, May 02 2020

       Whoa! Hold on, I stand corrected! He's mentioned MANY times before he was elected president for some reason. This Trump obsession thing is a very weird phenomena. And hey, I'm just as bad as anybody, I'm talking about him too. WTF?   

       Xenzag, olive branch extended, can I ask what prompted your interest in this guy before he entered politics? Not an attack, I'm genuinely interested. I understand to some extent people centering on this guy because he's president, but what's with the interest in him before that? Doing a search of pre-2016 Donald Trump posts you hold the record so you'd be the one to ask.   

       Donald Trump Bluebottle Factory Head 2007   

       Donald Trump Comb-over Windfarm 2015   

       Donald Trump Sand Dune 2008   

       Donald Trumpometer 2011   

       Really, not attacking you, you're very creative and funny a lot of the time and I bun a lot of your ideas, and I generally understand your current interest in this man, but what was going on before that?   

       If you're uncomfortable discussing it that's fine, just ignore the question, but it's really not an attack, I'm genuinely interested.
doctorremulac3, May 02 2020

       My interest in Trump started when he tried to bully a resident off a beach area in Scotland to create one of his golf courses. (see link) Alex Salmond, the then first minister of Scotland, saw fit to crawl up Trump's arse and grant the required planning permission. I subsequently sent Salmond a paper spine template to enable him to cut it out of wood and attach to his back. I detest bullies, and facists. My family has a history of stubborn and determined resistance against them, and Trump is currently the world's most powerful fascist bully, so he attracts me as his implacable enemy.
xenzag, May 02 2020

       OK, I hear you, that makes sense. I'd agree that that's not acceptable.   

       As far as his other political and social positions though, what would you say to the following Trump statements?   

       “China wants to write the rules. That would put us at a disadvantage. Why should we let that happen? We should write those rules.”   

       "Illegal Immigration is wrong, plain and simple. Until the American people are convinced we will stop future flows of illegal immigration, we will make no progress."   

       (we need to) "spend money to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in."   

       "That’s why we need to start by giving agencies charged with border security new technology, new facilities, and more people to stop, process and deport illegal immigrants."
doctorremulac3, May 02 2020

       I think the world would be a better place if both America and China would stop destroying it with greed and overproduction. Inequalities will always cause mass movements of people and you may as well try and stop the wind with a fence. Great inequalities also create conflict.   

       The entire focus of the politics of the likes of Trump is at total right angles to how I think. I can't conceive of a so called leader who spends most of his time ranting about his TV ratings between visits to a golf course or delivering lies and insults to journalists. Nothing that Trump says has any credibility, so I never address his remarks. He's a liar; a racist; a merchant of hatred, and a confessed abuser of women. The world will be a better place when he's out of office and hopefully under lock and key, and America can begin restoring its dignity and repairing the damage he has done to its global reputation. Presently America is the laughing stock of every single country in the entire world, and this is all down to one man's total idiocy. That's quite an achievement. We can all only hope for better days, and ironically the virus may well up being our best friend in that regard. You did ask! Ha
xenzag, May 02 2020

       Sorry to butt in unannounced, but couldn't resist.   

       1) Re China - so far as setting out an objective, it's fair enough. Life is about more than just saying what you want the most though. Where Trump fails is following up this objective with rational, legal or sensible actions. Instead, it's all Cowboy media-led fluff and nonsense - he doesn't stand by his wild statements and is a bluff-merchant. When you play poker, or world trade with someone who bluffs all the time, you learn to ignore them. This gives China, Russia, Syria or whoever carte blanche to do whatever they like, knowing that there will be no actual consequences.   

       2) Again, nothing wrong with putting forward what you want. Same position as most people, Obama and nearly everyone else. Nobody wants illegal immigration. The main problem here is that there are *much* more important things to worry about than a few extra cleaning staff.We will make far more progress by not worrying about problems that aren't really that much of an issue to people's actual day-to- day lives. Try healthcare, and having a stable economy.   

       3) Spending money is fine, except it means you're not spending it on stuff that's more important. Police, roads, healthcare, the economy, libraries, parks, the armed forces, a capable response to public emergencies - you know, government kind of stuff.   

       4) Same issue - but it's the last thing on many people's list. Yes, people get worked up about illegal immigration - but compared to all the other issues out there, it's a mug's game. Easy to whip up in people's minds, and should be easy to make big grandiose political points about, but actually, doesn't make any real difference to most people's lives.   

       So whilst illegal immigration is something to keep an eye on, it's not as though there are no current, and effective controls. It's just an easy mark for a certain kind of politician, one who's not afraid of distracting the public away from what matters, onto an emotive and easy to control public message.   

       It's always better to invent a bad-guy and make out how bad they are - because that bad-guy is nearly always one of your own invention. It's easier to control the story, make it flex to meet your campaign strategy - it's good campaigning. Trump *is* a good campaigner. Campaigners are great at making shit up, getting it spread out to the widest possible audience, and then stand on record, promising to solve whatever the invented issues are.   

       Proper leaders attempt to fix the hard, real problems by building stable frameworks within which talented (often entrepreneurial) people have the freedom to do difficult technical and challenging work that furthers the public good.
zen_tom, May 02 2020

       //Nothing that Trump says has any credibility, so I never address his remarks.//   

       (Xen) The quotes you chose to not comment on are variously Obama, Hillary and Chuck Schumer, the Democrat Senate minority leader.   

       It's very sad that you're actually celebrating mass death caused by the coronavirus. I really hope you don't take it further and start supporting genocide against people you disagree with. Then you've lost your humanity. I'd like to think you're better than that. I hope so anyway.   

       (Zen) Thank you for your thoughtful comments, and I'd agree with some of your points, but you'll have take it up with Obama and Hillary. I'm just quoting them.   

       My point is that with this tribalism the process of engineering reasonable solutions to our problems get hampered. "Did politician X say it? Then I disagree with it. I'll support anything that politician Y says though." Hey, I'm not above that, I have to catch myself sometimes and say "I agree with Bernie Sanders on that point." because from time to time I do.   

       I'll close with this though Xen, I do agree with the idea that consumerism can be taken to un-healthy levels. I don't think we should tolerate crappy human work conditions in Chinese factories just so we can get a big screen TV a little cheaper. At least on that one point we're in total agreement. Hopefully you agree with me about decrying genocide.
doctorremulac3, May 02 2020

       Ahh, a trap DrR, you devious so and so!   

       But you've wasted it on the non-partisan foreign voices of myself and Xen here. We don't consume the same carefully curated media that gets generated over there - we've our own polarised media to worry about.   

       If polarisation and tribalism is a bad thing - then does it make sense to support the person most polarised in their position? Does that suggest they're just campaigning with nothing real to offer? And, if someone starts polarising the population, and other leaders are forced into making comments on the false agenda laid out by the more partisan sections of the media - getting distracted by the circus of illegal immigration and ego-politics, rather than real and detailed issues that aren't as newsworthy - isn't that some broken politics right there?   

       Rather than playing into the tribal game, which favours the most outrageous, most headline-grabbing loudmouths about - far better to support people with nuanced, thoughtful and considered views.
zen_tom, May 02 2020

       OK, you've elevated this discussion with common sense and some interesting well thought out points.   

       I'm outta here.
doctorremulac3, May 02 2020

       // people with nuanced, thoughtful and considered views. //   

       Those would be the ones that look at politics and journalsm, then shake their heads and walk quietly away ?
8th of 7, May 02 2020


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