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Dream Ident

Marker pen for daydreams, dreams and nightmares.
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False memories can cause all sorts of hassle if acted upon. For example constantly reminding a friend of the 50 quid you never borrowed.

One possible solution is to use a dream ident, a soothing melody that helps you get to sleep but also a tune you associate with being asleep. It would need to be a sound not normally heard in real life so that any associated memories can be identified as dreams. Whale song, train track with snare drum, waves crashing with triangle*.

This came up while finding the point in time I started smoking. Various memories came up, some of which I remembered remembering quite recently, like when you retell a story of an incident - "Yeah, I had a close call when a tire blew out on the mini while at college. Ah, I remember that year driving back and forth along the lane."

Now its only after remembering that anecdote for the 2nd or 3rd time that on further analysis, I'm pretty sure I changed to the mini after college. It would have been useful to pick at the memory a little more to see if there was whale song associated with it.

A dream ident could also be a crucial business tool. Whenever you come out of a meeting thinking e.g. that the project requirements sounded a little strange, try to remember if there was a train-track noise in the background as the chair was talking about the project. Yes ? Well you probably dozed off and just imagined half the stuff.

* "20 Soft Percussion Dream Idents" album sold separately.

bigsleep, Apr 02 2017

Sleep teaching. https://www.youtube...watch?v=VztkpyUcf4k
Van Halen in your dreams [popbottle, Apr 03 2017]

Inception https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inception
[xaviergisz, Apr 03 2017]


       It's only a movie. It's only a movie. It's only a movie. ... all night long ?   

       Or "Running with the Devil" on a loop ?   

       Or perhaps not ?
popbottle, Apr 02 2017

       hmm... they say that only the first time you remember something is the only 'real' memory and that each subsequent recall of that first event is a memory of that first memory itself and not a recall of the actual events.   

       I'm almost certain that's not correct.   

       // try to remember if there was a train-track noise in the background as the chair was talking about the project. //   

       Where does the sound come from when you fall asleep accidentally or away from your bed?
notexactly, Apr 03 2017

       [xaviergisz] That must have been in the back of my mind. Very similar although hard to interact with past dreams.
bigsleep, Apr 04 2017


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