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Driveway Tamping Party Tent

Hold party. Get people to jump! jump! jump!
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This is not so much a party tent as a building tool which can be re-calibrated for many uses. Tent comes complete with digital sound system and overhead LED disco light panels. The party organiser runs the whole thing from an 'app'.

People using the tent may think they are having a party, but all the dancing to the lights and music is actually providing an essential building function like -

* Driveway gravel tamping
* Stress testing of structures
* Simulating minor earthquakes

The energy distribution laid down by a full tent can be controlled by the character of music and lights. "Jump" by the House of Pain is an obvious contender for inducing oscillations into structures to simulate quakes. Distribute the bass and strobe intensity, use a regular dance track and you transition to gravel tamping mode - "Feel It" by The Tamperer is a track we use a lot for this - [link].

(As an aside, the inspiration for this idea came from watching a drone show and wondering why they use so many drones rather than a smaller number of larger drones carrying lightweight LED screens that offer better coverage and resolution. This idea gets rid of the drones entirely and hangs LED party light panels from a tent frame.)

Any road up, once your driveway has been pummeled into oblivion such that the Bugatti won't kick up a single stone, simply tap the 'Wind Down Party' button on the app. This will raise the average brightness of the LEDs, drop the volume of the music and after one last bit of partying, play Smooth Operator ([link]) in a continuous loop, much like they did on the radio in the 80's. That track is now so boring and tortuous to listen to that most people flee the marquee de Sade within a few minutes.

The party tent can now be folded back up into its large suitcase and returned to the tool rental company.

bigsleep, Oct 29 2017

The Tamperer Feat. Maya - Feel It https://www.youtube...watch?v=Ht-m4vMWRqA
"What's she going to look like with a chimney on her?" [bigsleep, Oct 29 2017]

Sade - Smooth Operator https://www.youtube...watch?v=4TYv2PhG89A
A room clearing classic [bigsleep, Oct 29 2017]




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