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EU Rules Cherry Picking Drone

Remotely picks only the choicest cherries
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A drone that picks EU cherries.

Acceptable fruit can be pre-programmed e.g. between 22 and 25mm.

Quality control provided remotely by spare labour in refugee camps or a freemium game available to soon to be unemployed prime ministers.

bigsleep, Jul 01 2016


       Did you know that EU regulations specify the legal duration of a wank? They also have a special meter for measuring the curvature of dog turds. It was this one that sparked off the idea of also applying it to the shape of bananas. Just think of how much the UK will be missing when they finally leave behind the wonderful world of bonkers EU rules and regulations.
xenzag, Jul 01 2016

       Welcome back, [bigs].   

       [xen] the only EU regulations I've encountered personally are the CE radio emissions ones, of which the only comment I can make is that they're far less stringent and expensive than the FCC.
mitxela, Jul 01 2016

       It should noted that the UK in 1982 negotiated a derogation from the wank-duration directive, the result of which is the continued existence of the Conservative party.
calum, Jul 01 2016

       I want to know which EU directive suddenly allowed teenagers to wazz around without helmets on 750cc quads. It was probably some rule homogenization so that Portuguese mushroom wranglers could get their wares to market, but it makes no sense in Cheshire.
bs0u0155, Jul 01 2016

       // Did you know that EU regulations specify the legal duration of a wank? //   

       Did you know that a Google search for that sentence returns 31 million results, the first of which is this very page?
notexactly, Jul 18 2016


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