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Earbuds built like hearing aid

Everything but the hearing aid part
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Bluetooth good-quality stereo earbuds that fit mostly in the ear canal. Both for discretion but also so they don't fall out.

Something I've wanted for years, seems about 90% baked, but not quite out of the oven. A few hearing aids and personal sound amplifiers are SO close though. Eargo Neo (link) is good form factor that doesn't need custom fitting - but doesn't have on-board bluetooth.

Chairborne Hero, Dec 23 2019

Eargo Neo https://shop.eargo.com/eargo-neo
[Chairborne Hero, Dec 23 2019]

Phonak Virto https://www.cnet.co...e-hearing-impaired/
Quality music streaming in a high-end hearing aid. [Chairborne Hero, Jan 10 2020]


       And 8th... no thank you, I don't want a cochlear implant, even if it DOES come free with assimilation.
Chairborne Hero, Dec 23 2019

       Isn't the opportunity in exactly the opposite?
theircompetitor, Dec 23 2019

       // I don't want a cochlear implant, //   

8th of 7, Dec 23 2019

       theircompetitor - Opportunity is where you find it. Right now, hearing aids are thousands of dollars while Apple & Sony's pricier earbuds are a few hundreds; attractive to a much larger potential market. The opportunity for lower cost, mass-market product line (earbuds vs hearing aids) could drive profits.   

       8th - Someday, just not yet. I'm still paying off some of the other mechanical bibs and bobs that keep me working. But my ears are fine for now, even without bluetooth connectivity.
Chairborne Hero, Dec 23 2019

       k I thought the opportunity is to create a hearing aid that looks like the idiotic things that stick out of your ears so no one realizes you're deaf. I stand corrected
theircompetitor, Dec 23 2019

       // hearing aids that stick out //   

       My wife already wears those. Not because she worries about anyone knowing she’s deaf, but because they work for her. And that’s how I became acquainted with various types.   

       My own product idea runs in precisely the opposite direction - a consumer product rather than a medical device.
Chairborne Hero, Dec 24 2019

not_morrison_rm, Dec 24 2019

       Ten past four.
8th of 7, Dec 24 2019

       A friend of mine (not the one I usually mention, but his girlfriend) has hearing aids that have Bluetooth, so there's a precedent for that feature. Those ones are behind-the-ear hearing aids (with really thin tubes into the ears) with a remote microphone/transmitter unit that also serves as a Bluetooth-to-hearing-aid bridge.
notexactly, Dec 24 2019

       Baked - as $6000 custom fitted heating aids (link). Still a long way to go before tha’s a consumer product.
Chairborne Hero, Jan 10 2020


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