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Easy Clean Blender

Smooth walled interior and a plunger to squeegee it clean ...
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Like any standard blender, but with a cylindrical "jar" having a smooth interior. Includes an accessory cleaning plunger - shaft with rubber plug that fits perfectly to the inside the jar. Imagine a very big syringe.

To clean, in screw the blades from the base, then insert the plunger partway. Hold it over the sink with the open end up, pour in a bit of soapy water, swish it around - then tip it over to drain and push through the plunger to clean the sides.

Inspired by the almost self-cleaning action of the Aeropress coffee maker.

kdf, Aug 03 2020

Oster's milkshake blade https://www.oster.c...006670-000-NP0.html
For light and fluffy, aerated drinks! [kdf, Aug 03 2020]

Cutting an apple ... https://newrepublic...ng-horror-chernobyl
... the Soviet way. [8th of 7, Aug 04 2020]


       Don't the non-circular interior non-circularities enhance blendatiosness through suppression of blendless liquid rotation?
pocmloc, Aug 03 2020

       [pocmloc]; vessel and plunger don't need to be circular, just smoooth. A dual-lobe shape, with the blendy bit in one (perhaps larger than the other...) might work.
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 03 2020

       Firstly, [pocmloc], thank you for providing the word "blendatiosness" - I will try to work it into future discussions of laminar versus turbulent flow.   

       Secondly, you're probably right that the inside shape of most blender jars causes turbulent flow to improve mixing. But a different shaped mixing blade might be able to make up for the difference. Oster (the brand of blender I have) makes a few different blades for specific uses. If the can make a milkshake-specific blade (link) I'm sure they can make one to generates turbulence in a smooth sided cylindrical jar.
kdf, Aug 03 2020

       [neutrinos_shadow] - smooth AND uniform profile from top to bottom. A cylinder is the easiest to manufacture. I think proper blade design can address pocmloc's concern about blendatiosness.
kdf, Aug 03 2020

       blendatiosness - sp? should it be blendatiousness? Alternative form blendacity?
kdf, Aug 03 2020

       // I'm sure they can make one to generates turbulence in a smooth sided cylindrical jar. //   

       Both Kuznetsov and Soloviev have notable Prior Art in that particular field of endeavour... slightly more prone to alarming resonances at more than one RPM range that their Western equivalents.
8th of 7, Aug 03 2020

       But how easy is it It clean a bird strike out if one of them, assuming the fan blades don't shatter?   

       My application is a little lower rpm.
kdf, Aug 03 2020

       Are there any blenders that deploy "floating" magnetically driven blades that could just be lifted out from a sealed flask for washing? I think some lab stirrers work like this.
zen_tom, Aug 03 2020

       They do, but the available torque is very low, and the stirrer can scrape the bottom of the vessel.   

       If you wanted to drive a blender blade, and keep it centred in a viscous and initially non-homogenous fluid, then the magnetic field will need to be very intense, probably requiring suerconducting coils.   

       Then again, the liquid Helium will certainly chill your milkshake.
8th of 7, Aug 03 2020

       Cleaning the stirrer isn’t my biggest issue, it’s cleaning down the inside of the jar.
kdf, Aug 04 2020

       //magnetic field will need to be very intense,//   

       Lab magnetic stirrers are slightly anaemic in comparison to real blenders, but, having had one apart, they're not really optimized in any meaningful way. I'd say they were designed once, on a Wednesday afternoon in the early 70s and have remained in production ever since with a color update every decade whether it needed it or not. A few of those fancy neodydlium magnets close to a thin titanium top and we could couple some real horsepower .
bs0u0155, Aug 04 2020

       There are magnetically-coupled centrifugal pumps for aggressive fluids, which avoid the need for a bearing shaft seal. Lab stirrers are indeed somewhat dated in their designs, but it's not a field where there are any significant market pressures driving innovation.
8th of 7, Aug 04 2020

       I usually just put some hot soapy water into mine and turn it on for a few quick bursts.... but if the blades could be feathered to a greater angle, then the effect would be to generate a more abrasive turbulence with even better results. Failing that inserting a small part of 8th's anatomy into the blender along with some caustic soda is bound to debride any wayward material still stuck to the glass. This will also double up as his parting cocktail.
xenzag, Aug 04 2020

       Xenzag, soapy water on hi-speed is how I usually clean the blender. But after making any sauce with a lot of olive oil and garlic, it still needs a long soak afterwards to get the inside of the glass really clean.   

       And it’s probably not a good idea to transport any of 8th’s bits anywhere for disposal when the time comes. Incineration on site will be the safest option.
kdf, Aug 04 2020

       //making any sauce with a lot of olive oil and garlic//   

       Sodium hydroxide or acetone are simple solutions to that. Just be careful with splashing NaOH around the place, you wouldn't want to saponify your eyes.
bs0u0155, Aug 04 2020

       //Kuznetsov and Soloviev have notable Prior Art //   

       The Soviets got quite liberal with regards to finding applications for turbine technology, trains etc. Did the state- issued household blender get upgraded to geared turbine power? If so, that would be some compensation for the other miscellaneous misery.
bs0u0155, Aug 04 2020

       It's entirely possible; should the USSR have produced a blender weighing many tonnes, that made a noise like a denented banshee, stank of jet kerosene, and needed to be maintained every few hours by a team of highly trained specialists, it would be entirely unsurprising...   

       If they could make a cheap, compact, durable and affordable kitchen appliance, THAT would be a shock ...   

       <link> ("What's as big as a house ...")
8th of 7, Aug 04 2020

       If blending is life then this might be ok, else this is just another attachment at the back of the cupboard with the other kitchen devices.   

       Ultimately, the level that the jar material surface is at, for a quick wipe, would be the cutting edge.
wjt, Aug 08 2020

       What ^ said.
blissmiss, Aug 08 2020

       [+] for this idea, and thanks for the link on Theranos.
pashute, Sep 13 2020

       [+] for this idea, and thanks for the link on Theranos.
pashute, Sep 13 2020

       I always thought the different blades are the same as the extra buttons on older blenders back when that made a blender "premium". (cream, puree, mash, blend) Or the pointless extra buttons on most microwaves. (the popcorn button that you don't use because you have to listen to the bag, the auto-defrost that amounts to "use 40% power for an arbitrary amount of time" and other stuff you should ignore if you know how a microwave works and why the temperature sensor does nothing) The buyer might feel like he's getting a better product if he doesn't think about it but in the end proper usage requires deciding the power and times needed for the purpose at hand.
Voice, Sep 13 2020


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