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Elvis Pancake Fryingpan

Or Jesus Christ...
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... or whichever iconic facial representation you want to have burned into your pancake, in order to ebay the result.
Ian Tindale, Feb 08 2005

Inspired this Gridgriddle
Capable of customized images [half, Feb 09 2005]

Jesus Pan http://www.jesuspan.com/
[jutta, Sep 06 2006]

probably available here http://www.landoverbaptist.org/
The only Church that I visit regularly [xenzag, Sep 07 2006]


       "I'm just a hunk a hunk a burnin' dough..."
robinism, Feb 08 2005

       would it make tossin' difficult?
po, Feb 08 2005

       "Im sorry sir, no photographers, the family is very distraught after their loss"   

       "No, no, you don't understand, i have to cast his death mask for the pancake frying pan"   

       "Oh, sorry, I didn't realise. Hey I just loved that one you did of Curt Cobain - delicious when the syrup settles into the gunshot wound"
benfrost, Feb 08 2005

       Tonight's pancakes will be lacking something when I serve them up without my face etched into each and every one.
wagster, Feb 08 2005

       your face,wag?   

       just bury your face in the batter as it cooks.
po, Feb 08 2005

       Aaaaaaaaaargh! MY FACE!   

       Thanks [po].
wagster, Feb 08 2005

       [+] pantastic. You could use a combo of cookie-cutter + bottom faceplate. Then it could be thin metal, cheap, and you could have several on hand for making a whole family of celebrity custom pancakes. (You only need to implant one side, so flip it onto the faceplate mid-way.)   

       .... not that it would make it a batter idea, but I try.
sophocles, Feb 08 2005

       Even easier: Cut out a thin plastic template with the appropriate features. Lay this over a teflon skillet. Spray oil. Remove template. Spray on layer of thinned pancake mix using a spray bottle, then pour on mix. Make sure mix doesn't have oil as an ingredient. The increased heat transfer through the oil should make the template areas a bit darker.   

       Ok, not easier. But something you can make with household items.   

       (half-powered light turns on over head) Using the template technique, it should be easy to look like you're performing miracles. Prepare a piece of bread with templated oil, proclaim your magical powers, then toast.
Worldgineer, Feb 08 2005

       (pedals generator frantically, still can't power a light worthy of a Worldgineer idea)
half, Feb 09 2005

       Elvis Pancake Coptic Frying Pan sounds like a band from the 60s.
JesusHChrist, Feb 09 2005

       this is baked for waffles anyway. my mother sent me a tweetybird/sylvester wafflemaker. i get to choose which one i feel the most like eating, by which side of the cookplate is facing up.
elfling, Feb 09 2005

       now the image of you eating sylvester eating tweetie pie is quite amusing
po, Feb 09 2005

       pretty sweet, ain't it.
elfling, Feb 09 2005

       [World] - why couldn't you have posted that before I started my pancake marathon last night?   

       I'm off to cut the Blessed Virgin's face out of a sheet of plastic and make my fortune on eBay.
wagster, Feb 09 2005

       +I want more! Text, hearts, mandalas, brand names, the name of the diner serving me my breakfast. I think this is more practical with waffles because of the difficulty of flipping pancakes on an irregular surface.
Wisconsin, Feb 09 2005

       Maybe you could even make shapes with a function. Like pockets to hold syrup. Perhaps design these pockets so that every surface has a constant thickness so that there aren't any doughy areas.
Worldgineer, Feb 09 2005

       Oh ... my god.
reensure, Feb 09 2005


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