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Exploding Lottery Tickets

Scratch off - BANG!
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Mix an explosive compound like silver fulminate into the panels of scratch-off lottery tickets. sell at novelty shops.

Of course, it's only fun until somebody loses an eye. Or WHEN someone loses an eye. Something like that, at least.

Suggestions for stronger explosives - to raise this from novelty to assassin's tool to WMD - are always welcome. Must be stable enough to survive printing process and shipment - but able to detonate when someone scratches the ticket.

a1, Jul 16 2021

Inspired by comments in ... Scratch_20And_20Sniff_20Lottery_20Card
Nitrogen Triiodide? Silver Fulminate? [a1, Jul 16 2021]

First choice https://en.wikipedi...e#Novelty_explosive
[a1, Jul 16 2021]

Things I Won’t Work With https://blogs.scien...dioxygen_difluoride
Dioxygen Difluoride, FOOF! [Frankx, Jul 16 2021]

Tannerite https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tannerite
Binary explosive [a1, Jul 18 2021]

Cash Explosion Lottery https://www.michiga...-150-cash-explosion
False advertising, so disappointing! [a1, Jul 18 2021]

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       RFID chip embedded in card. Scratching connects contacts, activates RFID, is detected by long distance readers mounted in shop. Detection of active RFID chip triggers detonators, entire block explodes demolishing all buildings.
pocmloc, Jul 16 2021

       Dioxygen Difluoride. not strictly an explosive. But as oxidants go, “insanely strong” is an understatement. Causes ice to explode.   

       But the article “Things I Won’t Work With” [link] is brilliant and fascinating.
Frankx, Jul 16 2021

       [pocmloc] I like how you jumped right to WMD, but it sounds like you’re using the scratch-off as a trigger for larger device(s) planted elsewhere? Your idea is not without merit, but may be out of scope for the original contract.   

       [Frankx] I don’t see a way to get FOOF into the scratch-off layer and have it stay put until it’s needed.   

       The more I think about this, the more it seems the scratch-off material should be a binary explosive. The microbeads could be a mix, half containing an oxidizer the other half a reactant. Something like Tannerite but easier to set off when mixed. Wish [8th] were here to advise.
a1, Jul 18 2021

       Lottery is an extra tax to those who don't know probability theory.   

       Would winning be with a more colorful bang?
Mindey, Jul 18 2021


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