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Fact Checkers

Combine Draughts with Trivial Pursuit.
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A game played like checkers, but on each turn you have to correctly answer a question before you move a piece. If your turn would include multiple jumps, you have to answer a question for each square you intended to land on along the way.

Questions would be preprinted in a card deck and could be ranked by difficulty or arranged in categories, as in Trivial Pursuit. If by ranked by difficulty, as you move forward the questions get harder.  If by category, then different category names would be printed on the white squares, and you could pick your category on each turn based on the nearest white square to the piece you want to move.

a1, Apr 14 2021

Draughts https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Draughts
Also called “checkers” in some parts of the world [a1, Apr 14 2021]

Trivial Pursuit https://en.wikipedi...iki/Trivial_Pursuit
[a1, Apr 14 2021]

Inspired by https://www.gocomic.../brevity/2021/04/14
Brevity by Dan Thompson for April 14, 2021 [a1, Apr 14 2021]


       + So it seems like a good idea, but what happens if you answer the question wrong? I assume you have to wait to make a move.   

       I am thinking of a number between one and zebra
xandram, Apr 14 2021

       [xandram] that’s exactly so. Miss a question, lose the move. If your turn would include multiple jumps, you would have to answer a question for each one.   

       This adds a strategic element. If you intend a series of jumps but get stopped in the middle, it might leave your piece in a vulnerable spot.
a1, Apr 14 2021

       oohhh, getting dangerous. i like it! ( stop from reading fart checkers)
xandram, Apr 14 2021

       // fart checkers // - I know good HB ideas include explosions, but those would stink.
a1, Apr 14 2021

       How can I tell that these supposed facts aren't all fiction designed to account for the discrepancy between my immediate physical sensations and my state of mind?
sninctown, Apr 14 2021

       [snictown], in your case I'd suggest not worrying about facts, just try to guess what's printed on the answer card. And I only suggest this because I'm not licensed to practice psychiatry or prescribe medication for you.
a1, Apr 14 2021

       Don't admit that, just fake it. The results can only be funny.
Voice, Apr 17 2021

       Have a number of cards per square, free squares are possible. Tracks through knowledge can be made.
wjt, Apr 20 2021


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