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Fast Brexit Solutions

Visas and many other things need to be planned.
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Some people, maybe also a majority are calling for a fast Brexit.

Should they get their way, here is some useful advice -

1) Pre-arrange your visa to an area of europe who would welcome a dislocated british citizen (a DBC, *not* a refugee or immigrant).

2) Be aware of the emergency exits ([8th] has some potentially useful technology that needs rapid investment). This could be employed along the white cliffs.

3) Do not invest in any company that has the name "Hadrian" in it. This is merely a ploy by the Scots to get us to pay for repairing a really old wall.

4) Wales is an option, but after the fact, the Dover jungle may be preferable.

I hope you've enjoyed these tips on how to survive BrExit, but I really don't know why a majority voted to leave britain in the first-place.

bigsleep, Sep 12 2016


       Follow the money. Nude pounds perhaps.
popbottle, Sep 13 2016

       //I really don't know why a majority voted to leave//

They didn't. The majority of those who voted, voted to leave. 28% of the registered voters didn't bother & another 15% of the population (6 million people) who are otherwise eligible to vote are not on the register of electors.
DrBob, Sep 15 2016

       As something like a libertarian, I sympathize with other peoples preference to avoid federalism.   

       that said, if the title goes with a technology that could be a group of new referendum laws, saying anything the people prefer, coexisting with the current EU versions, then people could just check off which ever law they prefer during the transition.   

       as an example, at the US there is the FDA, what if everyone at the US had the option of preferring the Swiss approved pharmacopoeia for prescribable drugs? Then, from a country with higher life expectancy equivalent prescribability would be permissible. Similarly a check off preference could be on all EU different than British new laws during the transition period
beanangel, Sep 15 2016

       // a majority voted to leave britain in the first-place. //   

       A majority of those who voted told a bunch of useless sponging foreigners to clear off and take their sad delusions of a social democratic utopia with them. That's not the same thing.
8th of 7, Sep 15 2016


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