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Fatalistic Screwdriver

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This screwdriver simply gives up, very easily. When faced with most normally tightened screws, it’s perfectly able to undo them. If it’s ridiculously overtightened, cross threaded, rusted or otherwise incorrect, the permanent slipping clutch drives a small speech synthesiser that suggests that you give up, it was never meant to be, go and have a beer instead, you’ll feel better about it.
Ian Tindale, Mar 11 2015


       "Because you spend money on home improvement instead of charity, you're responsible for hundreds of preventable deaths per year."
sninctown, Mar 11 2015

       "Why don't you hire someone with the right equipment to do this job? Keep this up long enough and you'll hurt yourself."
sninctown, Mar 11 2015

       "I hope you've got medical insurance."
21 Quest, Mar 11 2015

       Actually I don't care if you have medical insurance or not, so long as your household or business insurance covers tools and fixings.
pocmloc, Mar 11 2015

       If a job's worth doing, it's worth paying someone to do it properly.
calum, Mar 12 2015

       //f a job's worth doing, it's worth paying someone to do it properly.//   

       Second that! Wait no
DIYMatt, Mar 12 2015

       "You'll need a kongo for this. You can get one at ACE for 199."
pashute, Mar 15 2015

       "I've got this terrible pain in all the diodes down my left side ...."
8th of 7, Mar 16 2015

       "Why bother? In the long run we're all permanently screwed anyway." Preferably in the voice of Eyore. (or Al Gore as if theres any difference.)
AusCan531, Mar 16 2015


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