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Find your tiny things

Fluorescent coating for earbuds, hearing aids, contact lenses, etc
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Ever drop a contact lens? An earbud. or in-canal hearing aid? Or ANY tiny thing that would take a long time to find or cost a lot to replace?

Give them a coating that will glow under UV. Contact lenses might only be suitable to coat around the edges, but other things like earbuds could get an all-over treatment. This should probably be an OEM feature rather than a do-it-yourself aftermarket application.

Then, you just have to make sure to not lose the UV penlight you'll need to carry around with you all the time ...

a1, Aug 31 2021

https://en.m.wikipe...ki/Sonoluminescence [hippo, Aug 31 2021]

Bush Baby https://upload.wiki...ter_Bushbaby%29.jpg
They need earbuds and contact lenses made to order [a1, Aug 31 2021]

//Alternative solution: only have big things// https://www.youtube...watch?v=yJn-Kr1E4HM
Trigger Happy TV accepts the challenge! [DrBob, Sep 01 2021]

AutoTidy [pocmloc, Sep 01 2021]


       I wonder if you could use a form of sound-activated luminescence (see link) to help find things? I’m imagining you turn the lights out and shout “Where are my earbuds?” and look for them glowing
hippo, Aug 31 2021

       Alternative solution: only have big things
pocmloc, Aug 31 2021

       // imagining you turn the lights out and shout “Where are my earbuds?” and look for them glowing //   

       You'd had to shout quite loudly at the right pitch and the thing you were looking for would need some fluid filled chamber where cavitation could occur. Probably not as practical as a simple surface coating.   

       But thanks for the link on sonoluminescence. I've always found it fascinating that nobody REALLY knows what causes it. I remember the stir Taleyarkhan caused by claiming it was a path to nuclear fusion.
a1, Aug 31 2021

       // only have big things //   

       Fine if you're a bush baby (link). But most *people* have smaller ears and eyes.
a1, Aug 31 2021

       Just tried this and I found my lost scorpions! I had more than I thought.
AusCan531, Aug 31 2021

       Just think of the glowing contact lens eyes...
RayfordSteele, Sep 01 2021

       Yeah, contact lenses would be tricky. Some people might not WANT them to glow all the time, go figure. It’s for them I suggested just putting the fluorescent coating around the edges. And something that’ll only glow when hit by a specific UV range.
a1, Sep 01 2021

       ditto RayfordSteele. Loving the idea of luminescent contact lenses. Creep-tastic!
DrBob, Sep 01 2021

       If, for some bizarre reason, you didn't want luminescent contact lenses then this idea can still work: just make all your possessions luminescent *except* the tiny things you might lose. Then, when you turn off the lights and turn on the UV light, your contact lenses, earbuds, etc. will be easily identified as the tiny spots of dark in the room
hippo, Sep 01 2021

       As I lose everything, I'm in favour of anything that resolves this issue. Duplication is my current best solution. Another idea is to have extremely high resolution 3D scans made of all internal rooms. When anything is moved, added or taken away, a comparison mesh image will instantly highlight the changes. As this could actually work, and have other applications, I'm not posting it as an idea, as it's not halfbaked enough for me.
xenzag, Sep 01 2021

       I posted that 11 years ago [xen] and also found a demonstration implementation had been built 9 years ago.
pocmloc, Sep 01 2021

       That runaway screw, before being set free.   

       Maybe, part of a fluid that helps clean torque application. Just dip the micro screwdriver tip.
wjt, Sep 08 2021


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