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Finish the game

Find an opponent when someone dies in the middle of a match
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By USCF rules - if someone dies during a game, the tournament director can adjudicate it and declare a result based upon best play by both sides.

But I was playing a more casual game with a coworker a couple week ago when he suffered a cardiac incident. He was losing (I expected mate in 3) and joked with him (as they were bundling him into the ambulance) that he couldn't get out of it that easily.

Turns out he could. We weren't using a clock, though his time has definitely run out. Board is still on my conference table, his move.

For cases like this, I propose a service that maintains a directory of available players by rank, who are willing to step in and finish a stalled game. It doesn't feel right to just put the pieces back in the box.

a1, Oct 01 2021

How I imagine this all went down. https://www.youtube...watch?v=qmYsqgD39DA
[LimpNotes, Oct 02 2021]

Dead Man’s Hand https://en.wikipedi...iki/Dead_man's_hand
[a1, Oct 02 2021]

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       I dunno man, that board is cursed, now. You haven't been using the opposing pieces for Ouija to contact him, have you?
RayfordSteele, Oct 01 2021

       Nah, I figure if he can be reached he’ll make his move. He always was a slow player, but two weeks is ridiculous.
a1, Oct 02 2021

       A large, framed photograph of the board, in situ, with an appropriate title (Bob Millhouse's Last Movement, Chessticular Fortitude, etc) might net a large sum as art, enough to fund this service.
whatrock, Oct 02 2021

       Yep. Epoxy that board as it sits. The last chess move of Bob should be immortalized.   

       Experts can debate potential outcomes from there.   

       I'm with RayfordSteele on this. Don't pick up those aces & eights!
DrBob, Oct 02 2021

       Just use a chess program if you want to finish the game? there are games where you can set the board then choose a side I'm sure, failing that commandeer a junior from the post room, do we still have post rooms?
Skewed, Oct 02 2021

       DrBob, I accidentally deleted your link but I know the reference. That’s why you see it (re)posted under my name.
a1, Oct 02 2021

       If you applied the same system to gladiatorial combat, it would go on literally forever.
Frankx, Oct 02 2021

       Thanks LimpNotes. I understood the part where he said Hyen Tao Yong Tai, but then the subtitles confused me because they were going too fast and I wasn't sure which way they should be read, from reft to light, top to bottom or some other direction.
pashute, Oct 03 2021

       //I understood the part//

It's just a movie recommendation for people who like chess. English subtitled versions are available.
LimpNotes, Oct 03 2021


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