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Like Kickstarter, but just the product videos
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Kickstarter projects usually feature promotional videos - sometimes very entertaining. And sometimes even better than the completed and delivered products.

Flickstarter would be a site that only featured product promotional videos - the products themselves would not exist. Site visitors would pledge money to support future videos for projects they like.

Someday, a Flickstarter project might even feature one of your own halfbaked ideas!

kdf, Jul 16 2020


       Well now is it Flickstarter?
...or Fluckstarter?

       Because, inquiring minds want to know...   

       I'd say fluckstarter.com would get more traffic than flickstarter.com
pocmloc, Jul 17 2020

       Typo fixed. Not every slip of the fingers is freudian... but I did consider that the character pair LI could look like a U.   

       An amusing ligature, intentional or not.
kdf, Jul 17 2020


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