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Flip-It medicine bottle rack

Keep track of what you’ve taken
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A rack to contain medication bottles, with each bottle holder on a swivel that can flip it upside down. Someone who takes different medications at various times of the day would take their morning dose (for example), put the bottle back and flip it upside down. Later if they couldn’t remember if they took it, they could tell at a glance. Repeat with mid-day and evening doses, and flip them all back right-side up at bedtime.
a1, May 17 2021

TimerCap https://www.timercap.com/
I think this is what Voice was referring to [a1, May 17 2021]

Color changing transdermal https://gcgh.grandc...transdermal-patches
[a1, May 17 2021]

Pharmacy "multi pack" https://www.pharmac.../12/blisterpack.jpg
Made up for your needs. [neutrinos_shadow, May 17 2021]

Revisiting question on color-changing transdermals https://www.livesci...tical-illusion.html
They would look like this! [a1, May 19 2021]

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       I do this with my vitamins - pill bottles that can sit upside down on the countertop. But liquid medicine bottles are typically smaller at the top than the base.
a1, May 17 2021

       It's very sensible so you might add more features, but the thinking process is good. [+]
xenzag, May 17 2021

       What if you couldn't remember both whether you took your medicine and also, if you did take your medicine, whether you remembered to flip the botte upside-down?
hippo, May 17 2021

       Unscrewing the correct bottle top should transfer a colour for that particular tablet unto your fingers and thumb, that lasts for about 12 hours.
xenzag, May 17 2021

       Bad news though if you can't remember why your fingers are stained a funny colour
hippo, May 17 2021

       Remembering to flip the bottles (or why are my fingers purple?) could be a problem for some, if they’ve slipped too far beyond simple absent mindedness*. At that point you might need in-home care, either human or machine intelligence.   

       * "For the absent minded, try our new vitamin and mineral supplement. Now with extra senileum!"
a1, May 17 2021

       How about a set of medication bottle lids, each one a different colour, which replace the standard plastic bottle lids that come with your medication? These new lids come with a sensor and bluetooth connectivity to an app which will display the status and history of the lid's usage - e.g. "Red bottle lid: currently closed, last opened and closed at 9:04am"
hippo, May 17 2021

       Those are baked, [hippo]
Voice, May 17 2021

       From Voice's comment, I went looking and found TimerCaps <link>. Great idea and not unreasonably priced. Try to buy them though? Out of stock on the manufacturer's website (which hasn't been updated since 2019?) and everywhere else I looked.
a1, May 17 2021

       Multi-part boxes exist and practical for someone who is out and about during the day, a convenient way to carry pills around and keep track. But they don't work for liquid medications. And counting out pills from bottle into little compartment is tedious, shouldn't be necessary for someone who takes all their meds at home.
a1, May 17 2021

       Make whatever pills can do it timed release transdermal patches. Then set an alarm that reminds you to change the patch.
RayfordSteele, May 17 2021

       // Then set an alarm that reminds you to change the patch //   

       Why not have the patches change color*, starting when you remove the wrapper/expose them to air? A fading dye could be time calibrated to dosing schedule. Although... as you say this would only be useful for medications that *can* be administered as a transdermal.   

       * Edit to add: Looked it up after I wrote the above - color changing transdermals aren't new idea either. <link>
a1, May 17 2021

       //counting out pills from bottle into little compartment//
Does your pharmacy not do that for you? Around here, they do weekly "sets", in perforated plastic-&-foil (so you can snap off the group/s you need).
neutrinos_shadow, May 17 2021

       / Does your pharmacy not do that for you? //   

       I don't know if they do or not. The Flip-It idea was more posted for general use than specifically for myself. I don't have any prescriptions - I just take a multivitamin in the morning, and a small dose aspirin and an allergy pill at night.   

       Even with those few bottles - if anything messes up my routine I might be asking myself "Did I remember to take that today?"
a1, May 17 2021

       Any of those color-changing dermals outside of the range of the colorblind?
RayfordSteele, May 17 2021

       // Any of those color-changing dermals outside of the range of the colorblind? //   

       For the colorblind, the patches have a pattern of different colored dots that all change hue at different times. When you can’t see them any more it’s time for a new patch.
a1, May 18 2021

       Everyone who takes a lot of medication should have a robot dog. Your pharmacist can send your medication schedule to the robot dog, who will remind you which medication to take, and when. As an added benefit, the growth in the number of robot dogs may cause a reduction in the need for so many real dogs
hippo, May 18 2021

       // Everyone who takes a lot of medication should have a robot dog //   

       Japan might be going in that direction, with extensive use of robots in elder care. I saw it on Youtube so it must be true.
a1, May 18 2021

       I outright just need a nurse to come and administer my meds. I take supplements, herbal supplements, and prescribed power meds. In the last two weeks, I messed up and had my first ever med mistakes. One was mild, the other not so much. I'm old, I need a nurse to come tuck me in at night, soothe my tired soul, and count my meds. Then come back in the day and give me the right ones, at the right time. Preferably with a nice glass of water.
blissmiss, May 18 2021

       Didn't you know all the other "medications" you took as a flower child would lead to this?
a1, May 18 2021

       // Any of those color-changing dermals outside of the range of the colorblind? //   

       See 21 May link. This is the color scheme they should use.
a1, May 19 2021

       a1, oh yeah, that's the missing element. Brain cell kapooey.
blissmiss, May 19 2021

       I *told* you to stay away from the brown acid, but did you listen?   

       “Uh, I don’t remember. What’s your name again?”
a1, May 19 2021


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