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For Frankenstein's Sake

Let's not waste millions of dollars creating same old crap
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Just watched the recent Frankenstein with Radcliffe and Wanted guy.

Some awesome steampunk scenery and decent acting let down by a really dismal plot and screenplay.

What if the monster had only 2 hearts, half a soul and was 50 feet tall ?

And why are the protagonists all young ? Evils scientists in my day were basically old and senile falling apart characters. Don't tell me that is the way 20 somethings are today.

bigsleep, Aug 18 2017

Altered Carbon https://www.netflix.com/title/80097140
Almost perfect. Like sci-fi is in my head when reading. [bigsleep, Apr 22 2018]

The cream of the jest https://en.m.wikipe...e_Cream_of_the_Jest
Sortof interesting. [RayfordSteele, Apr 22 2018]


       Indeed; the great research challenge concerns not how to create but how to *reanimate* the same old crap. More lightning, Igor!   

       Just curious, [bigsleep] do you have any interestingly new and different crap to propose? If so, you could put it in the body of the idea.
pertinax, Aug 18 2017

       //do you have any interestingly new and different crap to propose//   

       Just the 50ft Frankenstein for the oldies.
bigsleep, Aug 18 2017

       The idea title was supposed to be "Pay authors and screenwriters millions".   

       So many high budget crap movies. Seriously how much does a decent writer cost ?
bigsleep, Aug 18 2017

       // So many high budget crap movies. Seriously how much does a decent writer cost ? //   

       It's not the writers.   

       Someone pitches a story to a studio. They buy it, and the writer loses final editorial control. Then the marketing people work it over. There has to be a love interest for the hero; there has to be a "cliffhanger" scene; they want Jar-Jar sodding Binks or the nearest equivalent.   

       Notably, Frederick Forsyth has insisted that when his books become movies, he won't sell the rights without editorial control. By and large, the results have been pretty good.   

       A lot of the truly great movies of the past would not get made today - at least, not to the script that made them great.
8th of 7, Aug 19 2017

       Thus is how I react to every single The Three Musketeers remake since the Three Stooges version
theircompetitor, Aug 19 2017

       It comes down to the facts that (a) remakes are surer bets than new plots, because the plot has already been tested and found to work and (b) sequels are even surer bets, because not only have the plot, cast and style already been tested and found to work, but the costs are usually lower because key infrastructure already exists.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 19 2017

       //Then the marketing people work it over. There has to be a love interest for the hero; there has to be a "cliffhanger" scene; they want Jar-Jar sodding Binks or the nearest equivalent.//   

       Pretty sure with a high budget you can work those things in without the overall feeling that the production team did some last minute shopping at a petrol station.
bigsleep, Aug 19 2017

       No, you can't. It's not about the budget. It's about creativity, and a truly creative mind - and marketing people (?) don't have creative minds, or indeed anything much in the way of a mind at all.   

       The studios do want to minimize risk, so that's why they drag in the focus groups and the marketing teams. It's not actually their fault, but that's no reason not to hate and despise them.   

       Another problem is that - according to some versions of deconstructive literary criticism - there are only (depending on your view) between half a dozen and a dozen "basic" stories.   

       Or if you go with Tom Stoppard's view, there are only four: “We're more of the love, blood, and rhetoric school. Well, we can do you blood and love without the rhetoric, and we can do you blood and rhetoric without the love, and we can do you all three concurrent or consecutive. But we can't give you love and rhetoric without the blood. Blood is compulsory. They're all blood, you see.”
8th of 7, Aug 19 2017

       [8th of 7] is right. Creativity is the key because the derivative can be reduced to a simplified stereotypical. Life's about the minuscule differences, the uniqueness, the breathing room. The colour outside the boxes.   

       That is probably why the rare hits aren't able to be confined to a formula. And once they are, don't seem as good.
wjt, Aug 20 2017

       Rummaging through Netflix, I trip over "Time After Time", a 2017 TV show about a time-travelling HG Wells.   

       Cool, I think - imagining a clever weave of science fiction and autobiography, andor a presentation of fantastical inspirations for his prodigious output.   

       Or even just a series of setpiece episodes - good for a laugh if not contemplation.   

       But instead it looks like he's going to spend the entire first season chasing Jack the Ripper (who, of course, is one of his drinking buddies) around.   

FlyingToaster, Aug 20 2017

       "Houdini & Doyle" isn't bad, if that's the genre you like.
8th of 7, Aug 20 2017

       Titanic 2 is going to be awesome.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 20 2017

       Yes, the scene where Annakin Skywalker wrestles naked with the Great White Shark in the tank of jello as Harry Potter drives the deLorean over the cliff will be just fabulous.
8th of 7, Aug 20 2017

       But wait; there has never been a better time than there is now to film a story yourself and offer it to the world on a tiny budget. You won't make a movie-star fortune, and the world might not like your story, but you can still have a go.
pertinax, Aug 21 2017

       Do you reckon Frankenstein's monster said "for Frankenstein's sake"? That was his creator, so it would be like saying for God's sake.
caspian, Aug 21 2017

       That would require that the characters in the book are aware of the existence of the author, and that they are creations of that author; and the author would have to play an autobiographical role in the plot.
8th of 7, Aug 21 2017

       There is an author that did that, don't remember the name.
RayfordSteele, Aug 21 2017


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