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Fresh Hurricane Satellite Images

Create Valuable Images for First Responders
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It would be very useful to have a daily updated set of satellite images in disaster-affected areas. They could be used to plan mass distributions of food and water, for instance. Utilities could see everything from the sky. Overlays for before/after comparisons, etc.
nomocrow, Sep 07 2021

Kinda sorta https://spaghettimodels.com/
[whatrock, Sep 10 2021]

Daily imagery for emergency responders https://www.planet....ergency-management/
[a1, Sep 10 2021]


       [-] not because it’s a bad idea, but because it’s completely baked. Multiple service providers at various levels of quality and price points. NOAA Hurricane Center, ZoomEarth, EOS LandViewer, others. As an aside,”satellite” imagery still isn’t as good as aerial photography.
a1, Sep 07 2021

       A straight line, up and along, jet engine/rocket motor drone giving a local scan? A 1:32 cut down replica SR-71 Blackbird so to speak.
wjt, Sep 09 2021

       "Fresh Hurricane Satellite Images"... didn't know they go off.   

       My Nan used viniger to stop them going off.
not_morrison_rm, Sep 10 2021

       [+] just because:   

       a. I figure this is something that they don't have.   

       b. I presume this is a bit different from what [a1] is showing, even though I have no idea how new the ZoomEarth images are, and am not sure what the diff between your idea and [a1]'s anno is.   

       c. I still have no idea what "they go off" means or is referring to in the anno's here. Not my fault, I grew up in a Hebrew speaking environment.
pashute, Sep 10 2021

       [pashute] English speakers sometimes use “off” to mean something is wrong, or bad. Thus, to “go off” in this context means to become stale, not fresh.
a1, Sep 10 2021


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