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Freshly Groined

This idea has legs
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Personally, I use a Hario Mini (and pour-over a ceramic dripper), but the daily grind can become a dai… er, tedious bore. I often walk around while I’m grinding the Hario so it occurs to me to use the powerful differential leg muscle action to do the job. Hence, this idea is for a grinder that straps to the groin, is levered by your legs, and then you walk.
Ian Tindale, Feb 05 2015

perhaps some pun fodder in here... http://www.scribble...fee101_glossary.htm
[normzone, Feb 06 2015]


       " How do you like your beans ground - Shaved, trimmed, or natural ? "
normzone, Feb 05 2015

       Brazilian coffee?
pocmloc, Feb 06 2015

       If your spouse disapproved of you using one of these, would it be grounds for divorce ?
8th of 7, Feb 06 2015

       One word...bleh. Best I can do Ian.
blissmiss, Feb 06 2015

       No! No!... I said I wanted a 'unique' coffee.   

       How much time would it take for two cups?
RayfordSteele, Feb 06 2015

       How long should a man's legs be?
normzone, Feb 06 2015

       Do you wear a *cup* whilst doing this?
xandram, Feb 06 2015

       Good idea, because you might take shot. It's a fair trade.
normzone, Feb 06 2015

       A product more geared towards women or Scotsmen, one would think.
FlyingToaster, Feb 06 2015

       [Ian], people here seem to have assumed that you are talking about coffee, but there is no supporting data.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 06 2015

       Oh [Maxwell], now you're resorting to the cold water method?
normzone, Feb 06 2015


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