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FridgeMagnet Danger Meter

Primarily for the workplace
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A passive user-controlled 'meter' consisting of a pointer (in its entirety a fridge magnet) and a 'red zone' (also a fridge magnet) upon which writing (a word or two) can be written with a dry-wipe pen.

One intended use might be to indicate that there's an awful lot of unclaimed food in there (or not, if the meter isn't pointing in the red zone) and it needs sorting out before it all eats each other.

Ian Tindale, Feb 08 2007

Not the same as this Stick-On_20Readout_20Dials
but more in the line of "if you liked x, you're sure to enjoy y" [lurch, Feb 11 2007]


       Danger: Bacon [+]
zen_tom, Feb 08 2007

       Danger: Thar be monsters!!   

       Danger: Shameless pirate talk attempt initiated.
marklar, Feb 08 2007

       That reminds me - there's a piece of chocolate cake/dessert in the fridge with my name on it. I'd better go get it before someone snaffles it...   

       Excellent work Ian.
Jinbish, Feb 11 2007

       Make a color wheel that can be stuck on top of individual containers. You put something in the fridge, and adjust the pointer on the color wheel to match the container's contents. Later you can compare color and know just how far "off" the contents may be.
lurch, Feb 12 2007

       Or they'll think: "Oh look - [get off my toast]'s food is off - he/she won't mind if I take a look inside ... mmm! looks tasty!"

The fridge door-based dial could also be used to display things some way removed from the contextual framework of the fridge. For example, if you're doing the cooking, it might be useful if the dial was set to display your partner's level of appetite. In other circumstances it might be useful to have it display your partner's level of sexual desire.

I can't help thinking though that some sort of "Label" might be useful to better communicate the dial's semantics. It would not be good - in fact, there's a danger your life might start to turn into a cheap sitcom plot - if you looked at the dial and thought "Ah, I must refill the birdfeeder", when the dial meant something else entirely.
hippo, Feb 13 2007

       The concept you've half baked is fully baked as per Japanese system of visual controls. If required, I can search for & provide the link.
vedarshi, Feb 13 2007

       If you wouldn't mind, otherwise nobody will believe you and you'll be branded a madman.
Ian Tindale, Feb 13 2007

       //you'll be branded a madman//
But since you're here already, [vedarshi], just hold on a minnit - <begins heating croissant/fishbone yin/yang branding iron>
lurch, Feb 13 2007

       Yeah, home fry!
quantum_flux, Feb 14 2007


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