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Fridge top shelf that doesn't cool

A part of the fridge that is designed to mostly not work
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A part of the fridge that is designed to mostly not work (the top shelf). This is a suitable place to put the ketchup and other items that some people insist on putting in the fridge.

Compromise made. Energy saved.

bigsleep, May 13 2018


       Bread, butter, tomatoes. Perfect.
RayfordSteele, May 13 2018

       The correct place to put ketchup is the bin.   

       Or, ideally, don't remove it from the shop in the first place.
Wrongfellow, May 14 2018

       You know that you can stop the top shelf of your fridge cooling things just by turning the fridge off at the wall socket?
hippo, May 14 2018

       If shape is everything, what shape would this shelf, resting on top of the of the pumped cold, take? Or would it be dynamic, shivering?
wjt, May 14 2018

       Just use the to of the fridge, or put an impromptu shelf on the outside of the door with 100 Kg NIB magnets.
beanangel, May 15 2018


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