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Give A Toss About The Royal Wedding

An idea for a promotional campaign (this is just the idea, not the campaign)
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If you couldn’t give a toss about the Royal Wedding, and it’s just another bank holiday as far as you’re concerned, then you should give a toss. Use that day to toss your existing 9V PP3* zinc-carbon** smoke alarm batteries, and replace them with new ones. Then do the same every year, to celebrate giving a toss.  



** for low drain annually replaced usage, a standard zinc- carbon is sufficient and probably safer than an alkaline, which costs more and lasts longer thus causing the owner to trust that it still works longer than it may actually do, as a consequence of self-discharge and existing shelf- life. A fresh zinc-carbon PP3 replaced annually will certainly do the job.

* The PP3 is also known as 6F22 or 1604D

Ian Tindale, Apr 13 2011


       You could do promotional posters featuring celebrities proudly proclaiming "I'm a tosser."   

       Put the Queen on one, declaring her the biggest tosser in the nation (after all, Buckingham Palace must have a lot of smoke alarms).
ytk, Apr 13 2011

       The irony is that everyone at Windsor Castle probably will give a toss about the royal wedding.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 13 2011

       I thought this would be advance planning, in case the Prince is infertile.
spidermother, Apr 14 2011

       The thing is, though, by posting this you have acknowledged that it's happening. Surely a disdainful silence would've been more effective? One which i've now broken of course.
nineteenthly, Apr 14 2011

       Ah - but that silence would rob us of the chance to not give a toss about this idea.
Jinbish, Apr 14 2011

       Don't you have anything more un-patriotic?
Loris, Apr 14 2011

pocmloc, Apr 14 2011

       I thought you meant to puke that day. Like in tossing one's cookies. How wrong I was.
blissmiss, Apr 14 2011

       Nope, just change your batteries. I’ve always thought there should be a single memorable day of the year when everybody does it. That way you remember when it was done last. Lots of people like the idea of a royal weeding, but equally, lots of people couldn’t care less about the royals and their social affairs. This way, either way, there’s something to remember the day by.
Ian Tindale, Apr 14 2011

       //Lots of people like the idea of a royal weeding//   

       Personally, I'd weed out the lot of them.
ytk, Apr 14 2011

       Issue commemorative smoke alarms, with the blissful couple printed on them. The image would naturally include the wedding date, as a reminder.
spidermother, Apr 15 2011

       We here in the US change our batteries, (smoke detectors, etc.), and the like when we switch off of daylight savings time. It's rather well, well cool to do it that day, Ian. It's the cool thing to do.
blissmiss, Apr 15 2011

       //Lots of people like the idea of a royal weeding//, quite true, although pruning might have been a nicer way to put it.   

       On an entirely unrelated note, I have already cracked one or two off to Kate Middleton.
4whom, Apr 15 2011


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