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Grocery Bindle Staff

Easily carry one to four grocery sacks
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A mostly straight wood or plastic rod roughly 2 inches in diameter and 2 feet long. Slightly curved up at ends, a few knobs along its length. The middle section is shaped or padded to rest comfortably on your shoulder.

Carrying one grocery bag? Hang it on the back and carry it as a bindlestiff would. Two bags? Hang one on each end and balance the shaft on your shoulder, one bag to the front and one on the back. For three or four bags, you’ll need another staff to rest on your other shoulder.

True story - I thought of this today as I was carrying two grocery sacks and saw an appropriately sized fallen branch in the park. It worked as is, and the curved ends, ridges, and padded middle are refinements I thought of as I walked home.

This one seems practical and marketable. I couldn’t find anything like it online, but will not be surprised or upset if someone else finds it already baked.

a1, Aug 29 2021

carrying pole? https://en.wikipedi.../wiki/Carrying_pole
[xandram, Aug 29 2021]

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       I once tried to show some people how to tie up a cloth into a bag, to great mockery which I didn't understand. Apparently it's a bad thing to use a cloth for this if bags exist? Anyway I approve of this idea.
Voice, Aug 29 2021

       Add in some other features, like a mosquito zapper, front and rear lights (white and red of course) and it's a winner.
xenzag, Aug 29 2021

       + you must mean something different than the standard carrying pole, which is WKTE, so I’m giving this bun, even though I’m not exactly sure what the difference is.
xandram, Aug 29 2021

       [xandram] Yes, a carrying pole is much the same idea. Though most I have seen are longer and hang the load further from the body - and I can’t find any short ones marketed to the urban grocery shopper. Shorter (hanging the bags very close against the body) is better in this case, easier for getting through doorways, boarding a bus, etc.
a1, Aug 29 2021

       great for social distancing. baked though.
po, Aug 29 2021

       Take your old curtain rods and duct tape your wife's bra to the shoulder area. Voila, and it's free.
blissmiss, Aug 29 2021

       //Take your old curtain rods and duct tape your .../// and invite me round to watch when you rip the duct tape off.
po, Aug 30 2021

       You could upcycle your quarterstaff, probably get three or four bags on each end.
whatrock, Aug 30 2021

       // upcycle your quarterstaff //   

       But I’m still using it!
a1, Aug 31 2021

       Extra points if you can give ruffians and such scoundrels a damned good thrashing without loosing any sacks or breaking the eggs.
whatrock, Sep 01 2021

       I'll just arrange that for a day when I haven't bought eggs.
a1, Sep 01 2021


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