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Guide to Re-Destroying Civilization

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As Siberia is releasing 100X more methane than normal, oil is going to run out, population is doubling, Apophis is hurling, LHC is whirring, and coral is bleaching, it is inevitable that a calamitous civilization ending type event is near. So after that happens and everyone is running around in junk yards, trying to rebuild civilization with a bunch of printouts from howstuffworks.com, someone will happen upon this wonderful book so we can do it all over again. Low Riders, Reality Shows, Sociology, Child Pageants, Sham Wow, Wheat Beer, the finder will be transfixed with the possibilities that perhaps these re-inventions could dispel the boredom of their new found hand to mouth existences. And then they will build them..... MUHAHAHAHAHA.
leinypoo13, Jan 18 2010

Shameless self promotion The_20Analog_20Halfbakery
[MikeD, Jan 20 2010]


       Give it a few hundred million years. Plate tectonics will provide fresh mineral-bearing rock, and new deposits of coal and oil will form. We've only dug up all the stuff that's easy to get at right now - but this won't be the case forever.
Wrongfellow, Jan 20 2010

       //why not just put out some kind of hardened archive of halfbakery//   

       See self-promoting link   

       //Low Riders, Reality Shows, Sociology, Child Pageants, Sham Wow, Wheat Beer//   

       Including wheat beer with the other concepts mentioned makes me want to find you and punish you.
MikeD, Jan 20 2010

       Makes me want to write an idea about a reality show of model children riding hogs...
RayfordSteele, Jan 20 2010

       At present most ores are tied up in metal objects that can still be re-melted if needed. Reforging some steels might prove dificult with a charcoal furnace, but should generally be possible. Steel/Iron, aluminum, copper should all be retrievable after a cataclysm. (Assuming the processes for steel and aluminum are retained, but melti steel under uncontrolled conditions will still give you iron)   

       The big ones that will be difficult to reproduce are plastics, since most are petroleum based. Likewise metals that are primarily used for coating/plating will be difficult to separate and recover. Tin, Nickel, Chrome, etc. would be much more difficult.
MechE, Jan 20 2010

       //Cos all the easy to get at ores have already been dugout and the oil and coal is going too.//   

       If it all goes tits, there'd be loads of metals at surface level, all from scrap, but just as good, if not better, due to purity, than ore-sourced metals, you should be able to construct a forge hot enough to melt down found metals into a castable liquid form.   

       Which makes me wonder, can you convert rust back into metal? Aren't Iron Ore (iron oxide) deposits just great blobs of rust? If a scrap-heap were allowed to submerge under the earth's crust, wouldn't it re-emerge somewhere else as a rich metal deposit? I wonder how long that would take.
zen_tom, Jan 21 2010


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