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The ideas on the halfbakery tend to be isolated islands of knowledge, only knitted together occasionally by the commonality of the frequent users of the hb, often by exporting meme components from one idea into another.

Looking at the 20q.net site and being relatively impressed by the process, I wonder if it would be possible to apply a 20q facility to the halfbakery, as a novel and fairly esoteric kind of search process.

A 20q interface would ask you about 20 questions and you'd answer them. Then it'd present you with an existing halfbakery idea based on it's evaluation of what you've answered. The questions might or might not be framed in a 'search' kind of phrasing, they might simply be presented in a conversational phrasing instead.

What would be interesting would be if it were to ask you questions based on the content of yet other existing halfbakery idea content, along the way.

Ian Tindale, Apr 08 2005

http://20q.net/ [Ian Tindale, Apr 08 2005, last modified Apr 14 2005]

(?) Google Sets http://labs.google.com/sets
Similar. Type in a few things like the thing you want. [Worldgineer, Apr 12 2005]


       This is one of those ideas so well thought out that probably won't receive nearly the amount of annos it deserves, because what can you say besides (+).   

       20q meets search engine--my god, it would be like, Dr. Know. Now all we need is a cartoonish holographic depiction of Einstein.
RayfordSteele, Apr 11 2005

       I doubt the world model of such a system could be as expansive as 'everything on the net' without being quite out of focus in terms of accuracy, but with a restricted world model of say 'everything that the halfbakery knows about', it might prove quite useful.
Ian Tindale, Apr 11 2005

       Funny, in the "other" category, if you say "yes" to everything, the guessed object is "everything"... even though i say yes to the question: can you see through it? I can't see through rocks, though... hmm...   

       If you say no to everything, the object determined is "tomorrow"... that makes me laugh and I don't completely know why.
daseva, Apr 11 2005

       Answering "sometimes" every time gives me "banana pepper".
Worldgineer, Apr 11 2005

       ahh, the bannana pepper, so versatile!
daseva, Apr 11 2005

       The 20q thing also has a potential as an effective search engine if you can jump to question nodes easily. e.g. Let's start with the facts that it is hairy and involves custard. That should narrow the tree considerably.   

       It would create a fairly natural way of searching plus a good way of narrowing down the results, particularly if it asks subsequent questions that split the tree equally.
st3f, Apr 12 2005

       It's interesting that 'ask.com' got it completely the wrong way round. I shouldn't be asking the search engine, it should be asking me.
Ian Tindale, Apr 12 2005

       Trying to figure out to what end. 'Is the thing you're searching for a banana pepper?"
RayfordSteele, Apr 12 2005

       Or would it just lead to a rash of ideas about Banana Peppers?
hippo, Apr 13 2005

       My theory, well, not a theory at all, more a rough intuition, is that the start point and the end point of the search might remain the same: ie, you have a conceptual idea of what you want to be searching for, and when the searching is done, you've found it. However, I suspect that because this is a more metamorphic process than simply entering words and getting the results in one unit of operation, it'll sprout other idea offshoots along the way - but only in the bit in the middle - the bit between placing the first foot of the journey and arriving at the destination. In this case, for once, the journey is the reward (unlike, for example, rush-hour on the London Underground).   

       As an aside (even though in this case it's an 'under'), it'd be interesting to see a 20Q process in the intermediate phases - ie, after each question you've answered, you get to see the sorts of directions it's pondering next.
Ian Tindale, Apr 13 2005

       1: Animal, Mineral or Pastry?
19: do we only have half
20: Does it taste nice with butter and jam?

I like it.
neilp, Apr 13 2005

       //I am guessing that it is a hangover?//
Fucking fantastic. I love this game.
AfroAssault, Apr 13 2005

       Ah. I get it. It might open up the possibility of 'near hits.' A sort of 'fuzzy' search, that would open up different paths and develop the search into a more serial method for the user; google turned on its ear somehow, by enabling a top-down approach. In some respect, the categories do this.
RayfordSteele, Apr 13 2005


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