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Halfbakery Slo-Release Freezer

Store and gradually release your ideas
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Have a place on the HB to store your plethora of idea drafts and an option to automatically slow release them, perhaps randomly, into the front page coliseum. This can serve both as a non-"published" depot for your ideas and curtail time-burst front page intellectual projectile vomiting... if you want to.
leinypoo13, Feb 05 2009


       actually, Multiply has a feature similar to this called the Media Locker. I only found out because a few ideas that I thought were posted last year ended up being in the Media Locker!
xandram, Feb 05 2009

       Hidden ideas don't count. If it was hidden you have proven that they thought of it independantly.   

       I think the most half baked ones are the ones that tend to get interaction. So if your idea is playing on it being a draft and yet storing the idea you can do that anywhere.   

       It is nice if you can see the shape of the future and have it documented I suppose. What happens if you modify your original idea here though does the date change? I don't really think it does. How much proof are we really trying to provide. Better yet to have invested in it.   

       [Jutta] go become a notery puplic. You have this all on hard copy dated and stored in vaults right?   

       I do wonder if she has ever been involved in intelectual property rights issues
MercuryNotMars, Feb 05 2009

       You think my posts are incomprehensible, you should see my drafts. Now a *forum*'d be a neat idea for the odd bit of mental diarrhoea that can't be freeze-dried enough.
FlyingToaster, Feb 05 2009


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