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Halfbakery Steganography

messages hidden in votes.
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steganography (noun): the practice of concealing messages or information within other nonsecret text or data.

Signaling method: Agents choose in advance 16 HB ideas that haven’t been annotated for years. This is enough to build a codebook of 65536 entries which may be words or phrases. When it’s time to send a message, the sender would first vote FOR every idea in the stack, then vote neutral a few minutes later to signal they were about to send, and repeat every few minutes until acknowledged. The recipient would acknowledge readiness by voting AGAINST every idea, and the sender could then proceed.

There may be more efficient coding mechanisms, but this is what first occurred to me.

a1, Sep 04 2022

For counterintelligence/sabotage Chaos_20Vote
[21 Quest, Sep 04 2022]


       So, not the study of half-discovered dinosaurs.
whatrock, Sep 04 2022

       Not unless we’re encoding messages on them.
a1, Sep 04 2022

       Damn it, [a1], you weren't supposed to announce it!   

       Now the whole operation will have to be postponed.
pertinax, Sep 04 2022

       Nicely done, pertinax. That'll confuse them so we can proceed as planned.
Canuck, Sep 04 2022

       I would recommend some sort of error detection or preferably correction, a parity bit at the very least.
You don't want your message to be corrupted because some random baker happened to vote on one of these ideas in the transmission window.
Loris, Sep 04 2022

       Well spotted, Loris!
a1, Sep 04 2022

       Not stenography, more of a signal type. Still worth bread.
Voice, Sep 04 2022

       Fair enough. I’ve updated the description to include the Oxford Dictionary’s somewhat loose definition of steganography, and to clarify that I am offering but one signaling method. Thanks.
a1, Sep 04 2022

       Didn't you know we already do this? Doh, I guess my secret is out. I have a pact with UnaBubba to "randomly" show up for a day or three, annotate a few, then leave.   

       Not saying anything in particular but watch the stock of Rentishams for weird dips when it happens...
RayfordSteele, Sep 04 2022

       There's no way stock sales and purchases aren't being used for this purpose, same as personals ads and graffiti.
Voice, Sep 04 2022

       [a1]'s original description sounds so much like the mating dance...
4and20, Sep 05 2022

       +Isn’t this one of those ideas?
xandram, Sep 05 2022


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