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Halloween Theremins

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I know, it's a lets all. But, let's all walk around on halloween* gesticulating into our portable theremins.

* At one place where I "worked", everybody would exclaim to me "hello, Ian" on Halloween.

Ian Tindale, Oct 31 2006

Work in porgess. https://soundcloud....e/industrial-spirit
A track I’m working on now, but I thought it sounded a bit Halloweeny. [Ian Tindale, Oct 31 2018]


       Hello, Ian!
zen_tom, Oct 31 2006

       Hello, Tom.
Ian Tindale, Oct 31 2006

       Hello Frank
po, Oct 31 2006

       Hello Dipsy
hippo, Oct 31 2006

       Hello 21.
Ian Tindale, Oct 31 2006

       Hello Kitty.
5th Earth, Oct 31 2006

       Hello, Ian
egbert, Oct 31 2006

       Hell, oi an.
Shz, Nov 01 2006

       Hello, Ian
The Theremin
where magic is allowed
plays Dukas / Goethe
Yen Sid's hat, Bush's boat
did I say that a'loud?
Hello, Ian
The Theremin
Is the coolest thing I've seen
since many yesterdays.
Zimmy, Nov 01 2006

       Hello Zimmy
Hello Egbert
Hello Frank.
Ian Tindale, Nov 01 2006

wagster, Nov 01 2006

xandram, Nov 01 2006

       Hi, everybody.
AlexTheGreat, Nov 02 2006

       Hello to all those I have lost contact with.
blissmiss, Nov 02 2006

       Hello Bliss, Hello Waugs.
Ian Tindale, Nov 02 2006

       How you doin?
methinksnot, Nov 02 2006

       Howdy Doo
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Nov 02 2006

       Never mind, there's always next year.
Ian Tindale, Nov 02 2006

       Hello, Tom.
Ian Tindale, Oct 30 2009

       It is a day early but; Hello, Ian!
zen_tom, Oct 30 2009

       //At one place where I "worked", everybody would exclaim to me "hello, Ian" on Halloween//
Didn't they talk to you the rest of the year then?
coprocephalous, Oct 30 2009

       +, but to be fair, I give a thumbs up to anything involving theremins.   

       Happy Halloween everybody!
doctorremulac3, Oct 30 2009

       Hello, weans
pocmloc, Oct 30 2009

       Hello Ian.   

       hello xandram
FlyingToaster, Oct 30 2009

       Hello pocmloc,
Hello 2 fries shy of a happy meal.
Ian Tindale, Oct 31 2009

       Hello Ian!
zen_tom, Oct 31 2009

       Hello Tom!
Ian Tindale, Oct 31 2009

       Hello bigsleep. There wolf, there castle.
Ian Tindale, Oct 31 2009

       Hello, Ian.
mouseposture, Oct 31 2010

       Hello mouseposture.
Ian Tindale, Oct 31 2010

       ooh. Hello bigsleep.
Ian Tindale, Oct 31 2010

       Hello Ian and bigsleep, and posture.
blissmiss, Oct 31 2010

       Hello, Ian. Why the quotation markes around the word “worked”?
pocmloc, Oct 31 2010

       Hello pocmloc, good point — I’m not “sure”.
Ian Tindale, Oct 31 2010

       Hello blissmiss. You lot over in america must be going into celebratory overdrive right now.
Ian Tindale, Oct 31 2010

       Me for the Giants and for Halloweenie. World Series and a reason to over eat and have candy...yayayayayayyayay!
blissmiss, Oct 31 2010

       Oh hell, Ian.   

       Incidentally, does anyone else find the headstone on the Halloween hb logo slightly, ah, disturbing?
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 01 2010

       Not so sure about all this hello-Ian-ing. But here's a thereminic gesticulation to all y'all:   

       ..ooo000OOOO0000ooo... ...ooo000OOOO0000.....
csea, Nov 01 2010

       I didn't get the little play on words the first time I read this post. Only now does it make sense. Hello Ian!
daseva, Nov 01 2010

       I've been "away." Got back just in time, it appears.   

       Hello, Ian.
Boomershine, Nov 01 2010

       Hello csea, hello daseva, hello Boomershine, oh well, MaxwellBuchanan.
Ian Tindale, Nov 01 2010

       Hello Tom, hello hippo, hello bliss.
Ian Tindale, Oct 31 2014

hippo, Oct 31 2014

       Hallo electroluminescent croissant.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 31 2014

       Hello Ian!
zen_tom, Oct 31 2014

       Nice Croissant up there this year. Hello all you goblins.
blissmiss, Oct 31 2014

       and gremlins
pertinax, Oct 31 2014

       Cheerio Ian.
I mean cheery hello Ian.
xandram, Oct 31 2014

       Hey! Li'l old Ian!
pocmloc, Oct 31 2014

       If it's a portable theremin, shouldn't it be called a heremin?   

       (Hello everybody!)
jutta, Oct 31 2014

       "Here a min, there a min, everywhere a min min ..   

       <deep breath>   

       "OOOOoolllld Macdonald had an electronic musical instrument based on an unstable tank oscillator modulated by near-field interactions with the performer via a monopole antenna ..... E I E I O ..."
8th of 7, Oct 31 2014


       But don't come carol-singing.
pertinax, Oct 31 2014

       <smiles feebly>   


       <waves vaguely>   

       <slumps to floor>
8th of 7, Oct 31 2014

       Hello... Newman...
RayfordSteele, Oct 31 2014

       Why wolf?
Ian Tindale, Oct 31 2014

       Where wolf?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 31 2014

       Wear wolf.
pocmloc, Oct 31 2014

       Were wolf ?
8th of 7, Nov 01 2014

       wear wool.
FlyingToaster, Nov 01 2014

       Wire wool ...
8th of 7, Nov 01 2014

       Hell. Oh.
Ian Tindale, Oct 31 2017

       Boo - o
mylodon, Oct 31 2017


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