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High-Albedo Bowler Hat

To complement (and compliment) hippo's Retroreflective pinstripes
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...and also to maintain the stereotype that we Londoners all dress like characters from The Avengers in the '60s.

Essentially, this is a bowler hat, with an astoundingly high albedo, and yet still black.

Ian Tindale, Jan 11 2006

The springboard: Retroreflective_20pinstripes
[Ian Tindale, Jan 11 2006]

Albedo (per Dictionary.com) http://dictionary.r...com/search?q=albedo
Not the first word I would have considered to describe an item's ability to reflect. [jurist, Jan 11 2006]

Albedo:Trees https://en.m.wikipe...g/wiki/Albedo#Trees
Everybody's talking 'bout evapotranspiration [Ian Tindale, Feb 13 2017]

IR emitting mirror film http://www.sciencem...ver-it-touches-10-c
[bs0u0155, Feb 13 2017]


       ...and also an extension of my anno.
skinflaps, Jan 11 2006

       ..with one of those luminous gamps, as in the street scenes of "Blade Runner"?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jan 11 2006

       What do you mean 'stereotype'? - *I* dress like a character from The Avengers [chorus of "What? Diana Rigg?"].
hippo, Jan 11 2006

       mmmm - like the leather, hippo!
po, Jan 11 2006

       <performs umbrella karate chop>
zen_tom, Jan 11 2006

       Its similarity to the moon (when viewed from above) might cause moths (as well as other creatures whose navigation systems rely on the moon), to flock around the wearer.
Dub, Jan 11 2006

       I'd like a hat with a little daisy sprouting from the top - but then I've had a few too many perhaps...
po, Jan 12 2006

       Flocking moths
Dub, Jan 12 2006

       Thanks for the link, [jurist]. I needed that. I thought he was going for a "10 gallon bowler" or something.
half, Jan 12 2006

       My first thought was of a hat with a high sexual instinct or drive, i.e., a high *libido*. Perhaps it is both.
jurist, Jan 13 2006

       So it's a pith helmet?
egbert, Jan 13 2006

       Would be, if one lithped.
jurist, Jan 13 2006

       Funniest anno of the day, perhaps week, j.
blissmiss, Jan 13 2006

       I was just reading about albedo again (because I'm listening to the Vangelis album Albedo 0.39 on youtube to give myself the conditions to get on with some work making a Wrodpress theme for said installation on my Raspberry Pi, once I've finished this coffee) (if I don't get distracted by trying to fault-find the non-working replica of the ARP 4019 VCA module I built on veroboard last week). There's an interesting bit on pikiwedia's Albedo article under 'trees', which suggests that maybe the idiotTrump knows more than we realise about evapotranspiration.
Ian Tindale, Feb 13 2017

       If it had an //astoundingly high// albedo, and if one assumes that you are only astounded by exceptionally high numbers, then wouldn't it just be the colour of whatever was around it? Of course, it might contain some clever mechanism to normalize the spectrum of the light it reflected, in which case I suppose it would end up being that very, very bright shade of black known as "white".
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 13 2017

       That's the other thing. Usually, here in normal life, if you want to maximally reflect light, you don't use white, you use a mirror. E.g., my Lastolite reflectors for photography - white on one side, silver on the other. Technically one is a diffuse reflection, the other is a specular reflection. However, be that as it is said, if you want to reflect you usually deploy mirrors. Are mirrors really some classification of super-white?
Ian Tindale, Feb 13 2017

       how about this stuff, <link> make it whatever colour you like and still emit lots of (invisible) energy
bs0u0155, Feb 13 2017

       //mirrors really some classification of super-white?// Technically, yes. They just don't scatter.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 13 2017

       That’d be interesting – if ordinary mirrors can otherwise be considered super-white surfaces, then what about selective mirrors that are, for example, super-red or super-lemon or super-aquamarine surfaces, by being mirrors only for portions of a spectrum?   

       And if you look at yourself in the reflection and move your hand around, would only the (for example) red parts move left when your hand moves left, the other coloured parts staying still or moving upside down?
Ian Tindale, Mar 10 2018


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