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Hybrid mobility exoskeleton

*I* want to walk a slackline and ride a skateboard...
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Leonardo is a bipedal robot with propellers enabling it to fly as well as walk. And walk a slackline. And ride a skateboard. While wearing stiletto heels.

I'd like to see this feature set - especially the enhanced balance but not necessarily the heels - in a human-wearable exoskeleton. That should actually be easier to accomplish with human inputs then in an autonomous robot. Even if I can't fly like Ironman, being able to do short hops, ride a skateboard or walk a slackline - or even *regain* balance quickly if I stumble down some stairs - would be a great thing. And unlike my Ironman suit, this would have a much lower power draw and would run on available batteries, no ARC reactor required.

a1, Oct 12 2021

LEONARDO, the Bipedal Robot https://www.caltech...nd-walk-a-slackline
[a1, Oct 12 2021]

Guardian XO https://www.sarcos....owered-exoskeleton/
Battery powered, full body exoskeleton [a1, Oct 12 2021]

Prior art Para-loon_ae
Well, kind-of in the same direction... [neutrinos_shadow, Oct 12 2021]

Also prior art Semi-Rigid_20Dirigible_20Running_20Vest
We do balloons here a lot... there are other "wear a balloon" ideas too. [neutrinos_shadow, Oct 12 2021]

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       Unfortunately, Leonardo weighs only 2.58kg. So, to give you similar (or partially similar) capabilities, you'll need to be lugging a pretty large power supply (batteries, engine, something), especially if you want it to last more than 5 minutes (I can't find a duration for the "jet suit", but I don't think it's very long).
neutrinos_shadow, Oct 12 2021

       I know. Scaling up will make it look more like Sarcos' Guardian XO than Caltec's Leonardo. But that's okay. I don't need it to fly even for 5 minutes - just a little added agility and margin of safety against falls. Even a few seconds of lift & stabilization could have saved Wiley Coyote countless times when he ran off the edge of a cliff.
a1, Oct 12 2021

       I can't build you your exoskeleton, but you've given me a pretty cool idea.   

       If you're climbing a set up steps while carrying something, and you think there's one more step, it's more jarring than is justified by the height involved. This is because your body and vision work together to account for your next movement. So something that enhances your jump force for instance, just a little bit, is going to throw off that mental calculator, and you'll reflexively react to being in the air too long, likely by thinking you're falling. So either the suit will react as you do, or it will have to be programmed to ignore inputs in certain conditions, neither of which is real useful.   

       I'm sure an operator could be trained to take that sort of thing into account, but the shift in reflexes between suit on or off is going to be difficult to balance.
MechE, Oct 12 2021

       // ... an operator could be trained to take that sort of thing into account //   

       It cuts both ways, the exoskeleton's own AI would have to learn the quirks of the operator.
a1, Oct 12 2021

       Large helium balloon in each hand
pocmloc, Oct 13 2021


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