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Hyperflavored sexual lubricant for partner sharing

Sexual lubricant with like 8 times more flavoring and more artificial sweetener so that trace amounts when mixed with vaginal juices and a load of fresh ejaculate are able to flavor the ejaculate load for super deliciousness when people, like married partners cuk another lovers ejaculate out of their wife's vagina
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The summary repeated is bad form, but is such a simple technology, add (uh-oh, .5b policy:recipe like numerically 8 times more flavor and 8 times more artificial sweetner to sex lubricant so that when people suck it the fresh load of ejaculate tastes hyperdelicious, possibly beneficially masking the flavor for some come come sucking enthusiasts.

The idea is novel to me in that an ordinary creampie with a flavored lubricant, even if mixed with further penile thrusting, I think would be so diluted as to be undetectable, with this recipe/technology The ejaculate has the beneficial difference of being strongly deliciously flavored.

What motivated this idea was watching an erotic video, barely erotic for me, but it had a 100:1 like ratio and about 7 times more comments than usual. I did not know but there is an entire group of married partner sharing men (and woman) who like sucking the ejaculate out of their wife's vagina after she goes on a sex date outside the house with her other lover. Its such a good idea for partner sharing because he gets sexually aroused, they get an added dose of married intimacy when they have sex with each other after meeting again and he's sexually arounsed by the remannts of what I read online is called a creampie. Also and with hyperflavored sexual lubricant she can flirtatiously ask him which flavor he'd like tonight when she gets back. The new flavor saturation It makes what might be an acquired taste preference super delicious for everybody.

I'm putting a link to he potentially erotic video on the .5b, but if you have seen a finger touching a moist vagina for about three seconds you've pretty much seen this very mild video. The good thing is the 72 comments on how much some men, and likely some women like this

beanangel, Apr 22 2021

(?) My date came home from a date with her lover, a graphic but brief depiction of a finger briefly touching a moist, ejacuculate containing vagina https://xhamster.co...-with-lover-9418457
[beanangel, Apr 22 2021]

Vagina-Jam [hippo, Apr 22 2021]


       That's just hilariously disgusting.
But, you know... horses for courses.
Loris, Apr 22 2021

       [bone] and [marked-for-deletion].   

       Flavoured lubes are WKTE. This “idea” on serving suggestions just looks like an excuse to link a porn video.
a1, Apr 22 2021

       Flavour....see help file under [marked-for- deletion]
xenzag, Apr 22 2021

       Fixed spelling per [xenzag]’s preference. Oddly, the helpfile uses the US-English spelling of “flavor” - four times in the section explaining why flavo(u)r ideas may be reason to [mfd], right before it lists “gross-out humor” as another reason.   

       But as [hippo]’s link shows, those are slippery suggestions rather than hard and fast rules.
a1, Apr 22 2021

       [a1] ...a tangy sauce... a coincidence...   

       But actually addressing what you say, I improved why I think it is actually a novel technology and not just a regular strength lubricant flavor. There is a halfbakery:helpfile:recipe statement of how that's not gonna fly here.
beanangel, Apr 22 2021

doctorremulac3, Apr 24 2021

       Avoiding serving suggestions and treating this in a Vulcan way. Sex cells are packed with DNA , and solutions would be of the nature to support the viability of those cells. I don't know whether this is a nutrient health boost or a large attack on gut immune system of very similar cells.   

       On the flip side , each individuals flavour profile would change day by day and so a submitted sample would have to given at the start of the night for the semmelier and chef to work their magic.
wjt, Apr 25 2021

       May I have that idea, [wjt]?
Voice, Apr 26 2021

       Yes, yes you may.   

       <hopes [Voice] works in the gastronomy field rather than just being a coin bender 1></1>
wjt, Apr 27 2021

       [WJT] fortunately there is already a commercially available sex lubricant that says it actually promotes survival and fertilization ability of sex cells for use by people trying to get pregnant   

       If the commercial lubricant has a published research basis adding those pro-sex-cell survival chemicals at the commercially available sex lubricant to human sperm bank sperm could increase fertilization success rates.
beanangel, Apr 27 2021

       Silly me I thought this idea was more about the sensual stimulation of the gustatory cortex with tongue and sex. Hence gut immunity.
wjt, Apr 28 2021


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