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I Sing The Body Electric

Hidden Speaker under clothing
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A bluetooth speaker thin enough to conceal under your shirt, worn about chest-level. In addition to an outward facing speaker, the side that lays against your chest has microphones and other vibration sensors to pick up quietly spoken control commands, or to replay and modify your voice. Paired with a smartphone app, this rig lets you get a lot of special effects.

It would let you do any kind of voice modification in real time, to sound like any character from Woody Woodpecker to Darth Vader. Sing like anyone you like - or just sing along with whoever's music you’re streaming. Or do silly sound effects. Growl like a dog. Act out Poe’s “The Telltale Heart.” If that’s too high-brow, farts and belches are always popular.

Partly inspired by the Lenovo 700 Bluetooth Speaker, less than 1/2” thick. Reviews say the sound quality isn’t very good, but it’s at least proof you could get speaker thin enough for this idea to work. Just needs the voice pickups and software support.

a1, Oct 01 2022

Check this out https://youtu.be/qMEl0_ZrpLQ
[21 Quest, Oct 01 2022]

No, Check this out instead https://www.youtube...watch?v=tQIiyIx-isc
[pocmloc, Oct 02 2022]

Thin Actuator Sound Solution https://arstechnica...ditional-car-audio/
ultra-thin alternative to traditional speakers [a1, Nov 22 2022]


       [pocmloc], I’ve seen those voice changer toys, my idea takes it up a notch. And the voice changing was sort of an afterthought even though it turned into a main feature - my original thought was just to be able to play music or other sounds and not have it obvious where they were coming from.
a1, Oct 02 2022

       I'm not sure how small you can make a directional ultrasonic speaker, but (assuming small enough) mount one on the toe of each shoe (more space down there to hide things; no-one will notice slightly bigger shoes) pointing up at your chest. Then, even shirtless (if you're that way inclined) the sound will bounce off as per the idea.
neutrinos_shadow, Oct 02 2022


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