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Just add water!
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You know those hot packs you can open and shake up? This coffee mug would contain those on the outside, with a layer of insulation outside of those. Inside would be packets of instant coffee, creamer, and sugar.

Remove the wrapper to expose the cup to air, pour water and coffee and stuff in, and wait for it to get hot. You now no longer have to build a fire or find some hot water. The deluxe version includes a filter so you can pour any half-clean water in.
Voice, Jul 25 2022

Self-heating coffee in a can https://www.highbre...oducts/self-heating
[a1, Jul 25 2022]

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       Yeah, these have existed for a while.   

       They always seemed like a bit of a waste, to me.
Loris, Jul 25 2022

       If the filtered version could be attached to a catheter, then some closed- loop efficiencies might be achieved.
pertinax, Jul 25 2022

Voice, Jul 26 2022


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