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Intoxication Wave Map

It’s always Friday Evening somewhere in the world.
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As Friday evening approaches, and hence, alcohol or whatever your poison is, the nature of online intercourse of course alters in a characteristic direction.

Google has done well in the past with tracking the onset of flu, elections, killer bees and other threats to well being. It wouldn’t be too difficult for someone to put together an algorithm for alcohol, indicating graphically a kind of “wave”, a bit like those sunlight / darkness graphic indications.

This could be done by monitoring twitter, other forms of social networking, and forum posts. As the weekend progresses, many forum posts will descend into arguments. As that progresses, many posters will get into their huff and leave. Account deletion waves may be detectable. An apology wave may indicate the onset of the trailing edge of the weekend.

Forums may wish to make use of this metric, somehow, to dynamically modulate some aspect of their feature set.

Ian Tindale, Feb 19 2016


       This is not a bad idea.   

       However, I stand by the motto that alcohol is not just for Friday nights.   

       The muslim sabbath, I believe, is Friday - so presumably there would be large parts of the world where this wave peaked on Thursday nights.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 19 2016

       cursing, poor spelling/grammar, alcohol related words and synonyms, buying stupid shit off eBay, et cetera.
FlyingToaster, Feb 19 2016

       Mapping out Android phones that are located in drinking establishments.
tatterdemalion, Feb 20 2016


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