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Not a joke... Gallery of abandoned vehicles
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IsThisYourCar.com would help people find their stolen car, and help people clean up their neighborhoods.

Many areas have a problem with abandoned cars and local authorities don’t have means to tow them. Often the vehicles are stolen and dumped - but police don’t actively look for stolen vehicles, instead relying on luck and tips from citizens.

IsThisYourCar.com would be an online gallery of abandoned cars. Entries would contain at minimum:

- One or more pictures of vehicle
- Text description to include make, model, color, year
- Location, by nearest cross streets or map coordinates
- License plate, or notation that it’s missing
- VIN, or notation that it was missing or blocked

The entire gallery would be searchable by date of entry and any of the data fields given. Entries would not be deleted but may be marked “removed” if the car is moved from its spot.

All entries would be submitted by site users and reviewed by site admins to weed out unusable entries, jokes, etc. An anonymized mailing system (similar to Craigslist) would allow users and admins to discuss listings with some degree of privacy. Very limited online comment section but users would be able to update their own (and possibly others’) listings with notes ... e.g., owner found, police towed, vandalized, etc.

The website would initially be financed and run on a volunteer basis. But it could eventually be monetized by advertising, or fees from high volume search users.

Target market might be insurance companies, local police departments, people looking for parts they can strip, vandals looking for an easy target, and of course - car thieves/joyriders who were so stoned they forgot where they left the thing.

Despite those last tongue-in-cheek remarks, on balance I think such a website would do more good than harm.

kdf, Jul 12 2020

Stolecar.com http://www.stolencar.com/
Close but not quite... [kdf, Jul 13 2020]


       An unintended consequence of the development of DNA analysis is that joy-riders, instead of just abandoning a vehicle with nothing more than a few dents, a broken steeling lock, and an empty fuel tank, now torch the car to destroy any DNA and fingerprint evidence.   

       As a result, insured losses have increased very substantially over recent years; where once a car might have been recovered and repaired, now they're a total loss.
8th of 7, Jul 12 2020

       Even without DNA analysis, the condition of many abandoned vehicles in our ‘hood already matches 8th’s description. And unless it’s related to some other noteworthy crime, cops around here don’t look very hard for car thieves.   

       On my own street there’s one frequent offender who (probably) isn’t a car thief himself (anymore), though he may be receiving stolen property. He runs a wildcat salvage operation on his front lawn. Cars show up (often late at night), get stripped and sometimes chopped to little bits. Often the undrivable remains get dragged off of his lawn and left in the street ... never less than 100 yards from his place but rarely more than 200.   

       Neither his landlady, the police, nor city code enforcement seem willing or able to stop it. Though unhappy about it, most of the neighbors are too well mannered to arrange a fiery but plausible looking accident. I’ve considered bringing in someone like 8th or the Piranha Brothers - but as my own house would be within the likely blast radius I’d prefer a more surgical approach.
kdf, Jul 12 2020

       // sugical //   

       "Surgical precision: to within a couple of inches either way, with lots of blood and screaming, plenty of sawdust on the floor and a tub in the corner for the bits, and then they slap hot tar on the stump ..."
8th of 7, Jul 12 2020

       That is 8th's house you're describing, so no need to "bring him in".
xenzag, Jul 12 2020

       Meh, the problem with asking 8th (or anyone of his ilk) for help ... “Once you have paid him the Danegeld / You never get rid of the Dane.”
kdf, Jul 12 2020

       The media would gladly take the task.   

       But even if you don't go to the media, sounds like an open channel on youtube called stolencarscam (intended) or maybe carstrip (also), where people would gleefully watch your neighbor and his car strip show, and once in a while recognize their own.
pashute, Jul 17 2020

       Car EigenFaces?
wjt, Jul 18 2020


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