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Is it you reading this ?

Is it really you reading this ?
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Sometimes I look back and wonder who that person was. It's like I'm seeing myself being me, but don't recall the time passing or what it was to be 'me' at that instant. It's almost as if its not me.

So is it really *you* reading this ?

Remembering the party the other night, was that slightly intoxicated person actually you ? You can probably remember it *was* you, but that you behaved in a way that was not everyday you. Sitting quietly with a coffee its difficult to imagine yourself actually being the energetic party you.

Sure, you remember the you being there with the flashing lights, the laughter, the noise - the memory of it is quite clear, but you don't actually remember which you actually went to the party.

You just did a crossword. Or at least that's all you can remember. You actually sat there for an hour mentally juggling word patterns being the you that solves problems and puzzles and inhabiting intellectual space, but looking at the newspaper now on the table all you can think is 'clever you!' as if that person was carefully folded up and put away behind some internal door.

The you what walks to work is quite strange. You start off putting one foot after another, glancing at the pavement, then at your calendar and then planning the day and drifting off into some work related day-dream for some minutes, then back to planning the day and then you realise that you are sitting down at work with a mug full of steaming liquid. You planned the day ahead, but which you actually walked to work and made that drink ? One you started the journey, but another you became a concious passenger until you both reunited at your desk.

And who is that you who just does crazy stuff like compulsively buy things that aren't needed ? You didn't need a new mobile phone or gadget. Why would you spend money on that ? This is probably the worst you of all. Denial you. The you that just lets go of any rationality and just buys stuff or watches news about Trump and pretends like its not really reality. La la la - that definitely wasn't you.

Maybe this is future you remembering reading this idea, not the content of the idea but just that you read it.

But just maybe its your best you, the least passenger like you of all - the mindful you. The you that almost feels every word, colours and emotions flying off in every direction. Letters becoming as large as a planet and time slowing as your eyes trace the curves in the text. You see yourself reading the idea and study the nature of you being in the moment. You mentally take a polaroid of yourself holding a polaroid of the point in time of you reading this line of the idea. You stand back in mindful appreciation of the entire tableaux.

And then suddenly time snaps back and you are a passenger again, the idea is drawing to a close.

Which you is reading this ?

bigsleep, Mar 07 2017

You Are Two https://www.youtube...watch?v=wfYbgdo8e-8
[xaviergisz, Mar 07 2017]

Hello? https://www.youtube...watch?v=84RxK4N1wfE
Is it me you're looking for? [RayfordSteele, Mar 08 2017]


       Not really, as I just skimmed a bit.
not_morrison_rm, Mar 07 2017

       A me read this who felt a mix of recognition and nostalgia for going through a similar thought process.   

       What we are is process. Built by a joining of structure and history that results in sensation.   

       Interestingly, on this measure, the me who thinks and writes this now probably has as much in common with the you who thought this as the me who thought the same thing maybe 12-some years ago. In other words, could it be that by aligning our internal mental processes to perform similarly and to feel the same thing, we actually experience what it is to be one another at different moments in time. It might explain why literature is such a powerful thing.
zen_tom, Mar 07 2017

       Some times I flick through my old Halfbakery ideas, and have no memory at all of having written some of them
hippo, Mar 07 2017

       Bob (12/14/89) read Fred (11/05/78) About Suzanne (12/13/92) who shot Johnny( 2/17/65) and Phil (2/17/65). Buried by Rick ( 3/29/65) after a short trial.   

       — popbottle, (03/07/17)
popbottle, Mar 07 2017

       //Is it you reading this ?// Fortunately, I know the answer to that one. It is "yes". Anything else?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 07 2017

FlyingToaster, Mar 07 2017

       [hippo], I can't remember writing any of them. Haven't written one in a long time. They all look foreign to me. Maybe they are...hell...maybe po wrote them. Hahaha
blissmiss, Mar 07 2017

       I think I can honestly say that I remember all of the ideas I've posted, if not by title then by concept.
It's the one's I know I've had but didn't have time to grasp or recall that get to me. It's like they sometimes occur between moments and remembering depends on how reflective the following moments allow... and then it's gone.

       Sometimes they random neuron-misfire months or years later.   

       I'm pretty sure it's me reading this, but in layers per moment.
That past me that just wrote the above is still around too... just not right 'now'. (+)

       //In other words, could it be that by aligning our internal mental processes to perform similarly//   

       The idea was that the many yous are domain specific e.g. walking, planning, puzzle solving or the whole lot aligned. The walking (or even driving) I find quite shocking they are not simple activities and involve a lot of danger, but are often relegated to secondary activities. Even if the conscious brain takes over occasionally, the transitions are so seamless that you often can't remember actually thinking e.g. about crossing a busy road.   

       It's almost as if you're training, charging, then setting loose an autonomous version of yourself to work in parallel leaving the higher consciousness to think about other things and train more yous. I think the really scary thing is how sophisticated each successive autonomous you can be, and as you get older how poorly maintained the earlier models are, particularly the ones that drive and wield credit cards.
bigsleep, Mar 08 2017

       Somehow Lionel Richie comes to mind when reading this.
RayfordSteele, Mar 08 2017

       Has someone [else] been playing Tides of Numenera again?
absterge, Mar 10 2017

       [ding-ding] prize for Ray
theircompetitor, Mar 10 2017

       //comes to mind//   

       Hint: Parts of the idea was me thinking of other HBers. I may not be the user you are trolling for.
bigsleep, Mar 10 2017


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