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JWST Sunglasses

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Just what it sounds like. Sunglasses with kite-shaped, mirrored lenses to resemble the JWST thermal shield. Alternately, the lenses could resemble the telescope's primary mirror array.

In either form, the sunglasses would fold up to store in an unexpectedly small cylindrical case when you're not wearing them.

a1, Jan 12 2022

Gentlemen, gentlemen ... Halfbakery_20Field_20of_20Honor
[pertinax, Jan 13 2022]


       I think this is good, and could get even better if the glasses did even more than just looking cool.
xenzag, Jan 12 2022

       Thanks. I was trying to think of ways to implement moving parts and folding struts. Maybe use the primary mirror for overcast days (the gold tone would make good "blue-blockers") and flip around to the thermal shield when it's brighter outside.
a1, Jan 12 2022

       Use the "shield(s)" as side glare shields, & the "main mirror" as the lens proper (so, 2 JWSTs side by side). Optional flip-out secondary mirror to provide magnification capabilities (from the partially silvered front of the lens).
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 12 2022

       // Optional flip-out secondary mirror to provide magnification capabilities //   

a1, Jan 12 2022

       + pretty cool. And what about some telescoping capabilities?
xandram, Jan 12 2022


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