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Jackets for Ducks

H5N1 is directly transmissible from aquatic birds to humans. Stop ducks catching flu in the first place.
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Fit jackets on to ducks, geese, swans and other aquatic birds, as they spend a lot of time splashing around in the water and getting wet and then going home and developing a cold or flu, and then antigenically shifting the flu to passing humans. It'd be better if they didn't catch flu in the first place. They need precautionary garments. And duck facemasks.
Ian Tindale, Apr 29 2009

Antigenic Shift http://www3.niaid.n...iftIllustration.htm
Credit: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) [Ian Tindale, Apr 29 2009]

Facemask for ducks http://www.ariamedi...kimberly-46727.html
[shudderprose, Apr 29 2009]

for pigeons http://www.halfbake...e_20sporting_20nest
[po, Apr 29 2009]


       I thought this might be a new way to bake ducks.
Aristotle, Apr 29 2009

       The N95 is probably the most effective, and most uncomfortable, but would suit your ducks perfectly. [link]
shudderprose, Apr 29 2009

       Jackets are the wrong solution. The heart of the matter is that ducks never wash their hands.
Laughs Last, Apr 29 2009

       What about rubber boots? Their poor bare feet are always in the water even when it's freezing cold.
phundug, Apr 29 2009

       Training dogs to chase ducks coming out the water, until they are dry, might help too ...
Aristotle, Apr 29 2009

       I think [Laughs Last] has the right solution. Just teach em how to use those little pump bottles of sanitizer to wash between the webbies and all will be well.   

       This is just [Ian] trying to stir up the duck muck and make world wide trouble where there is no trouble. This idea could have global ramifications and cause large scale hysteria if taken seriously.
blissmiss, Apr 29 2009

       all when you should have been worried about the pigs with cold wet feet....
WcW, Apr 29 2009

       great link [po]
blissmiss, Apr 29 2009

       Give them beak masks.(Yeah, I saw the link.)
skinflaps, Apr 29 2009

       rcarty, - Get down!
Ian Tindale, Apr 29 2009

       + why yes of course, but maybe also a long coat for night wear!
xandram, Apr 30 2009

       The jackets must be made so that ducks are easily able to put them on and take them off, otherwise they wont feel the benefit.
miasere, Apr 30 2009

       They could duck.
Ian Tindale, Apr 30 2009


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