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Are you smarter than an anthill?
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The linked article compares how ants build tunnels to how people playing Jenga. The researchers created a simulation that accurately patterned this emergent behavior.

So this idea is a computer game based on running two versions of that simulation. Both start with identical colonies - but one runs the emergent algorithm, while you run the other with your solitary brain.

Scoring based on how well you expand your tunnel network compared to the automated one.

a1, Aug 23 2021

Ant tunneling Jenga https://arstechnica...en-digging-tunnels/
[a1, Aug 23 2021]


       Is there not a third competitor in the race in the form of an actual ant colony?
xenzag, Aug 23 2021

       Excellent point! A real ant colony, monitored the same way the researchers did, would make a better competitor than the modeling program.   

       Chaos theory comes into this also. Doing one thing differently means doing everything differently after that point. Once you move a single grain differently from your competitor, your anthill and tunnel network has a different destiny than theirs.
a1, Aug 23 2021


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