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Joke-search generator

Pranking friends to try searches that return unexpected results
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Sometimes you search for something in Google and get entirely unexpected or unwanted results. The ornithologist looking for "great tits" or the old camera buff looking for information about Polaroid "swingers" all get duly filed away in Google's memory for future reference. To taunt you forever, Google will be primed to send you results based on whatever you ever searched for previously.

I propose a joke-search generator. You submit a topic area, some common search phrases, and perhaps the desired "misdirection" - e.g., you want the results to be pornographic - and it scours the web for plausible search phrases. Then you prank someone by suggesting they look something up by the phrase you give them.

Real world example: Shimano Nexus is a line of bicycle components; hubs, shifters, etc. The Shimano Nexus Revo is a shifter specifically for that family.

Google Shimano Nexus Revo ... to see what I mean.

Now, prank your cyclist friend by telling them Shimano has just upgraded the product line, and ask them to

Google Nexus Revo

... to see how hilarity might ensue.

kdf, Jul 17 2020

um, no [pashute, Jul 19 2020]



       "You Nexus, huh? I design your eyes."   

8th of 7, Jul 17 2020

       I was unaware of that reference, thanks. Quite a number of leaps from Bladerunner to bicycles to butt plugs.
kdf, Jul 17 2020


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