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Kirlian-Mode Selfies

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A front-facing phone camera could be made to extract the difference in charge effect between the charge across a grid membrane over the sensor and an equal but opposite yet brief whilst surprising and at the same time almost non-lethal charge ejaculated through the subject holding the selfie machine (phone).

The result would be an aura around the person and their rather large hair, in the moments while they are still alive, at the point in time they receive a phenomenal charge through their body from the phone recording the phenomena, giving rise to not only hair but a Kirlian photograph as a selfie. The one downside is that of fatal expiry shortly after the Kirlian photograph – the battery of the phone probably won’t survive any more social mediaing without having to be charged up again.

Ian Tindale, May 07 2018

Mere Unfound https://youtu.be/jBuikB5WTgY
Track 10 of my album Electric Ian, which is actually written about Kirlian Photography. [Ian Tindale, Oct 13 2018]

Electric Ian by Ian K Tindale https://distrokid.c...ow/ianktindale/emfN
The aforementioned album which the above is track 10 of. [Ian Tindale, Oct 13 2018]


       If the phone user is fully isolated from ground, there should be no ill effects.   

       Simply carry a thick sheet of glass supported on glazed porcelain insulators with you at all times.
8th of 7, May 07 2018

       //one downside is that of fatal expiry shortly after the Kirlian photograph // Yes, I can see that. It's got you by the short and Kirlians.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 07 2018


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