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Knock Off Review service

Grade knock-off products by how they compare to the real thing
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Many products seem overpriced and inspire less expensive knock-offs. Sometime the knock-offs are pretty good but usually they're not.

The Knock Off Review service would evaluate counterfeit products detail where they weren't as good as the genuine article (don't buy that!) - and maybe find ones that are (buy this instead!). Like the best consumer product review services, it would be subscriber supported, accept no advertising, and buy all the products they review rather than getting them free from vendors.

Of course, once established there might be knock offs of the service itself, so we could recursively develop review sites that would review the review sites that would ...

a1, Aug 25 2021

Disecting the Dingus Lopper 3000... https://www.youtube...watch?v=bT6-qk2LryM
...inator. [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 26 2021]


       This seems like a low grade rehash of an idea posted on here a few years ago
pocmloc, Aug 25 2021

       Have this tasty crossaint™ [+]
hippo, Aug 25 2021

       // This seems like a low grade rehash of an idea posted on here a few years ago //   

       But how well do the edges line up? Does it stretch out of shape with extended wear?
a1, Aug 25 2021

       I see that is a name brand croissant! Always better methinks.   

       As for the idea, one problem is that knock-off items are generally prohibited therefore puts one in the position of not being able to obtain the knock-off item legitimately. Unless you mean like Walmart (generic) type items. Then I guess that might be useful.
xandram, Aug 25 2021

       // Unless you mean like Walmart (generic) type items //   

       What I was actually thinking of (the trigger here) was Apple's Braided Solo Loop watch band. Ridiculously priced, and many look-alikes exists for 1/10 the price or less. They don't claim to be the real Apple product, just “compatible.” And they're all crap.   

       A review site could serve either end of the market. It might help the purveyor of genuine products by explaining why the copies aren't any good. Or it could help a vendor of generic, look-alike products make their name in the marketplace by getting a good rating.
a1, Aug 25 2021

       Reviews of crap fake products?...... long overdue [+]
xenzag, Aug 25 2021

       Let me guess, you start with an obscure viral campaign of web pages of nothing but images of dented car panels called compare the ding.com right?   

       Then Arthur Daley turns up as the sites host a few weeks in complaining about how everyone's mistaking his site for this new one called compare the thing.com.
Skewed, Aug 25 2021

       Well if you like your own idea then you are going to love this guys youtube show.   

       Ladies and Gentlemen I present AvE disecting the Dingus-Lopper. [link]   

       [skewed] - okay, I’m stumped. Pop culture reference, but from when and where?
a1, Aug 26 2021

       Umm, compare the meercat.com the viral add campaign that preceded compare the market.com when it first arrived // Arthur Daley (a used car salesman) from Minder (UK tv series) seemed a suitable replacement for the meercat host of compare the meercat.com seeing as I'd gone for compare the ding (ding, common parlance for a dent in your car).   

       All make sense now?
Skewed, Aug 26 2021

       oh yes, quite, thank you, say no more. please, really, no more.
a1, Aug 26 2021

       Sorry, I wasn't sure which bit had stumped you :)
Skewed, Aug 26 2021

       I believe this is the entirety of Amazon.com's business model.
sninctown, Aug 26 2021

       // Amazon //   

       Certainly sells a lot of low quality products, but you can’t trust the reviews. Gotta have reviews hosted someplace that DOESN’T sell the products and has no incentive to fake the ratings.
a1, Aug 26 2021


Voice, Aug 26 2021

       //Ladies and Gentlemen I present AvE disecting the Dingus- Lopper. [link]//   

       Heh, AvE literally does this idea, I know he's tested the real Makita impact driver vs the knock off (he liked the knock off if I remember) and also the batteries.
bs0u0155, Aug 26 2021

       [a1] i’m giving you a bun here so you can see that a pack of five makes a whole croissant! At least [jutta] has standardized the pack of five. (my most recent idea.)
xandram, Aug 26 2021

       //Heh, AvE literally does this idea//   

       Right? He talks like one of my uncles and he makes me laugh... and he wants to remain anonymous which kind of makes him the Banksy of reverse engineering.   

       Hugely informative.   


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