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Laser Goniometer for disposable razors

Don't wait until it drags or nicks you
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A laser goniometer measures the sharpened bevel angles of knives and other types of cutting implements. It looks at the reflection and interference patterns of a low powered laser bouncing off the blades. My idea is for a very small one could scan the edge of a razor blade (or blades, in the case of a multi-blade shaver).

Why? A disposable razor may last anywhere from a three to a dozen shaves before it's dull - but you don't *know* it's dull until it drags on your skin or it nicks you. So each day before you shave you clip it into the goniometer and get a readout that tells you if the blade is good for another shave or if you should replace it.

Though I picture this for home use, razor makers - or product reviewers - could use this to grade the quality of a blade.

a1, Jun 25 2021

An example product - it can measure razor blades https://www.catra.o...ter-portable-model/
but it would need considerable modification to scan the edges of a disposable single or multi-blade shaver. [a1, Jun 25 2021]

https://scienceofsharp.com/ [pocmloc, Jun 26 2021]

See anything cool lately? https://img-9gag-fu...aq2LbYv_700bwp.webp
No. Shut up. [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jun 28 2021]


       A razor inspection and sharpening station is just what everyone needs. Maybe add an interferometer and CNC grinder for nanometer shaving precision.
sninctown, Jun 25 2021

       // razor inspection and sharpening station //   

       If I still used a straight razor I'd go for that. But these days, after the ... unfortunate incident ... , I just use safety razors. So I'll settle for just the inspection part. Especially as it gave me the opportunity to be the first person on HB to use the word "goniometer."
a1, Jun 25 2021


       You don't just place your blades in a pyramid for a couple of days like the rest of us???   

       Doesn’t work in this universe, sorry. And if it works on YOUR reality, why does Bigfoot have such lousy grooming?
a1, Jun 26 2021

       I was kidding about the pyramid razor thing, it was just an 80's selling gimmick in my universe too.   

       Don't be diss'n Sasquatch though. I owe them one... and I'm not kidding in the least.   

       Which is more than I can say for most bipeds I've encountered.   

       I suppose this would be OK when camping, but it will never be a substitute for popping your razor in a SEM to check the edge before shaving.
pocmloc, Jun 26 2021

       // Don't be diss'n Sasquatch … //   

       [2f], I’m not. Just saying they could use a shave and a haircut.   

       // popping your razor into a SEM //   

       [pocmloc] I definitely need one. Best magnifier I these days is on my cellphone camera. Which is what gave me this idea to begin with - I was using it to look at my shaver, curious if I could *see* a difference before I could *feel* it after a few shaves.
a1, Jun 26 2021

       Maybe he just doesn't have the 2 bits? Or can't find his pockets. I'll bet some velcro pockets would work well with all that hair.
RayfordSteele, Jun 26 2021

       Hirsute is not a bad thing... but yes they could really use some deodorant.   

       We smell just as bad to them, I’m sure. And they mock that little beard of yours.
a1, Jun 27 2021

       My little other stuff too. [link]   

       [pocmloc] - thanks for the link on knife science, lots of good stuff there.
a1, Jun 28 2021


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