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Laser Ruler

For acurate handsfree measuring.
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Ever seen those nifty laser levels used for measuring how flat a floor is, or for hanging pictures?

This idea is for a similar device that projects little measuring marks along the line of the laser. It uses range-finding technology to accurately compensate scale so, no matter how far you move it from the wall the measurement remains constant and accurate.

Measurement type adjustable from metric to standard, with selectable increments (inches, feet, and/or yards for standard; millimeters, centimeters, decimeters, and/or meters for metric)

21 Quest, Nov 21 2006

Kind of Already Halfbaked http://www.halfbake...h_20laser_20pointer
[jhomrighaus, Nov 21 2006]


       This is REALLY similar to the linked idea, yours is subtly different, but very minutely so. All the same issues apply here as were discussed there.
jhomrighaus, Nov 21 2006


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