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License plate periscope

Plate stays inside car, visible from outside .
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This idea addresses two common problems with license plates.1) License plates are frequently stolen, and 2) Some locales require a front plate which annoys folks who think a flat framed rectangle is ugly or affects aerodynamics.

Solution: Build license plate compartment(s) inside the vehicle, with an arrangement of mirrors and possibly Fresnel lenses to make the plate visible through a tempered glass or plastic “window” in the bumper. In the rear this could be a simple compartment in the boot, and two flat mirrors. In the front, placement would be tricker and the bumper window would have to be curved to match the vehicle’s design.

This would not be a simple aftermarket fix, but part of an OEM stratospherically priced option package.

a1, Sep 05 2021

Make license plate conform to bumper https://www.insight...ate-question.15941/
Post #7 … “On my Subaru, I simply pressed the front bumper into a snowbank until the plate conformed to the bumper…” [a1, Sep 06 2021]


       I have never heard of a license plate being stolen. It doesn't even make sense, what would the thief use it for, identity theft? Impersonation?   

       Though I did know someone whose bike was so ancient and rusty that a thief stole the rather nice lock, and left the bicycle.
pocmloc, Sep 05 2021

       // never heard of a license plate being stolen //   

       Dunno where you live, but it’s common in some places . Plates and renewals are expensive. People steal license plate for many reasons…   

       They don’t have insurance
They have a suspended license
They're driving a stolen car

       … there are probably more reasons but those are the most likely ones.
a1, Sep 05 2021

       Other reasons:   

       -You're about to commit a daylight robbery with a likelihood of someone getting the plate number so you nab one from a vehicle similar to yours. Cops go sniffing around them first.
-You hold a huge grudge against your ex and constantly steal their plate and call it in so that they get towed over and over again. (A friend of my mom's used to brag about doing this to her ex... along with having placed nails on angles front-and-back beneath all four tires of his ride, and a bunch of other crap I don't recall right now... a vindictive bitch is what she was)

       + I like this because I am a #2. I fought off the front plate until the state changed the colours and took my plate off when I got my annual inspection. Then I was forced to get 2 plates with the new colour. Car does not look so cool with front plate.
xandram, Sep 05 2021

       [xandram] what model car? And what colour?
a1, Sep 06 2021

       2011 Subaru Legacy, dark grey…has a great front!
xandram, Sep 06 2021

       I know* how to make your license plate look perfect on your Subaru Legacy. Next time it snows, drive your car SLOWLY into a snow bank. It will gradually bend perfectly to the bumper’s contour. Can’t do anything about the plate colour though, sorry.   

       * not originally my idea, I read someone’s forum post elsewhere saying they had done this. linked.
a1, Sep 06 2021

       Licence plates can be viewed from a range of angles. It is going to be tricky to get the periscope display visible in the same way.
xaviergisz, Sep 06 2021

       Doesn't need to be a periscope (with mirrors etc), just a fixed window that the license plate goes behind. Front: accessible from inside the engine bay. Rear: accessible from inside the boot/truck or rear hatch.
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 06 2021

       [a1] great idea, but a few years ago I let someone use my car to go get coffee and he had an accident which crumpled the front plate and now it has the crinkle look,so I put my dragon license plate holder on it as they also made me take it off the back because it slightly covered some of the state’s name!
xandram, Sep 06 2021


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