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Lift off keys

Sorry, no rockets.
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I occasionally take all the keys off my keyboard to give it a clean and it is amazing how much dust, hair and crumbs are underneath. You then have to put all the keys back individually which can take time.

If, instead of attatching all the keys individually to the base of the keyboard you attatched them all to a frame under the keys and then the frame onto the keyboard you would be able to lift out the frame with ease to clean everything.

miasere, Feb 09 2006


       Sort of like the old rubbery keyboards on the Spectrum?
calum, Feb 09 2006

       Or just have a pull-out tray like a toaster.
DrCurry, Feb 09 2006

       [Doc C]A pull out tray would be good, although you would only be able to collect stuff dropped either above and below or to the sides of the keys   

       [calum] Yes, but not rubber keys as plastic keys give a reasuring feedback click when pressed
miasere, Feb 09 2006

       Groovy. I like.
calum, Feb 09 2006

       or put the keyboard in a bag, attach a tube to the bag, pass the other end of the tube out the window and into an ant hill.... leave for a few days. When the ants have eaten everything, encourage them to leave by showing them pictures of an anteater in action, then resume normal typing - this always works for me anyway, but still giving you + as the ants tend to ignore most of the fluff.
xenzag, Feb 09 2006

       For that much trouble, its much easier to just buy a new keyboard for $10. If you have a habit of eating and drinking around your computer (such as myself) replacing the keyboard every so often is just another consumeable expense. Dirt and liquids eventually make their way down into the electronic part of the keyboard so even if you could easily clean around the keys and the stems that they sit on, eventually you would have to replace the keyboard anyway. If you insist on cleaning a standard keyboard it should be considered a hobby or a nice evening project to discuss at work the next day.
Jscotty, Feb 09 2006

       Or you could get a sealed, ruggedised, waterproof (wireless) keyboard, and just stick it in the dishwasher every now and then...
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 09 2006

       //For that much trouble, its much easier to just buy a new keyboard for $10.//   

       A quality ten-year-old keyboard that hasn't been abused will have more life left in it than a new $10 one. Further, laptop keyboards are often expensive to replace.
supercat, Feb 09 2006

       For a moment, I thought you were talking about piano keyboards.
What's your maintenance routine - I mean, do you wait until the keys can't be pressed down due to the sheer amount of debris?

       Anyway: vacuum cleaner?
At work, we wrap the new keyboard in plastic, but it is a *really* dirty environment. It gets difficult to see through the plastic film after a while.
Ling, Feb 10 2006

       Generally I do it when Im bored, or have just eaten cookies at the computer. I use a wireless keyboard and so would not be able to replace it for $10, despite the fact that I resent being asked to continuously replace something that should last at least as long as my computer.   

       I think I would prefer to lightly clean my keyboard with a dry toothbrush than put it through the dishwasher. Theres as clean as you need it and then theres obsesively clean. Plus the bars under the large keys might rust.
miasere, Feb 10 2006

       //You then have to put all the keys back individually which can take time.\\ [Miasere], do you have a picture of the keyboard to remind you where they go or do you just know these things? Because that would be obsesive.
zeno, Feb 10 2006

       I just know. Or I open up notepad and test.
miasere, Feb 10 2006

       I would know <enter> and the long one and qwerty and esc, maybe shift and the arrows. Come on own up, you clean them one by one right? So you don't get confused right?
zeno, Feb 10 2006

       To get all the gunnins from underneath you need to take them all off. Each row is a different shape so thats not so hard but I admit I do spend a fair amount of time putting them back on   

       And sometimes I do get them wronq
miasere, Feb 10 2006

       Hehe, I bow to your prowes (sp?) with the keys.
zeno, Feb 11 2006

       So the keycaps all lift off on a frame so you can clean underneath… but then how do you clean between the keycaps and the frame?
notexactly, Dec 18 2018


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