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Liftoff boil-over prevention

Contrary to cliche, a watched pot does boil.
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Wife was cooking pasta last night and the pot was about to boil over. As we do not have an induction or gas cooktop offering fast and precise temperature changes, she lifted the pot a few inches off the coil for a few seconds to prevent the boil over.

An easier and more precise lift would be possible by placing a heat resistant framework around the heating element, large enough to support a pot, with a lever or knob to raise it as needed.

a1, Jan 09 2022

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       Could be auto actuated by a float on the rim
pocmloc, Jan 09 2022

       // actuated by a float //   

       I did consider automation, but it seemed unnecessary for the watched pot that does boil. Just an easy way to lift it with one hand, leaving the other free for stirring.
a1, Jan 09 2022

       I'm too lazy to search but believe this has been proposed before on the hb. Could it not be a bit more deviant? A small finger raising the lid from within perhaps?
xenzag, Jan 10 2022

       I did look - on HB and elsewhere, couldn’t find. I’m not talking about just raising the lid though (those gadgets do exist) - I want to lift the whole pot.
a1, Jan 10 2022

       Oh, I see that now. The pot could also stay put while the heat source descends into a type of well.
xenzag, Jan 10 2022

       // The pot could also stay put while the heat source descends into a type of well //   

       Yes, though that would mean a complete redesign of the cooktop. I decided an accessory item that you could buy, use once or twice and then put in a cabinet never to be seen again (until it was time for a white elephant sale) was a much better idea.
a1, Jan 10 2022

       In most cases simple is best, but not at the HB. I see nothing wrong with a ludicrously complex solution to any problem. Rebuilding your entire kitchen would seem like a small price to pay to avoid a pot boiling over.
xenzag, Jan 10 2022

       I envisage a minimalist kitchen which is just an empty cube. Appliances unfold from the walls as required; the kettle pulls out from the wall on a long telescopic arm. Two discs rise from the floor on long slender poles to hold two cups. To support the pot, there is a small openwork trivet type device suspended in space; the heating element swings up on a long hinged rod into position beneath the pot. If the pot overheats the element can drop a few inches.
pocmloc, Jan 10 2022

       Available in either carbon fibre or varnished bamboo.
xenzag, Jan 10 2022

       Could the pot be redesigned such that it has a sealed reservoir of water contained in your framework, which was an integral part of the pot. Then the heated water gradually turns to steam & the pressure activates a carefully calibrated pneumatic system to lift the food container up as it gets hotter. As an added 'benefit', you would need a book of tables identifying the correct settings for different foodstuffs & a set of valves on the saucepan so that you could adjust the pneumatics to the correct values.
DrBob, Jan 10 2022

       Keep the suggestions coming. All very useful in convincing my wife that I am nowhere near as demented as I could be.   

       She needs re-assurance sometimes.
a1, Jan 10 2022

       Lifting elements would be prone to unflattering failure modes, such as only one side lifting up, followed by high-pitched screams and wailings and later beatings with a kitchen roller.
RayfordSteele, Jan 10 2022

       // failure modes //   

       Yes, this is how these gadgets get relegated to a cabinet, closet, or garage sale.
a1, Jan 10 2022

       How about a screw-type system? Base is anchored (in some fashion) to the stove-top. Pot is able to rotate, screwing itself up due to steam pressure jets on the side of the pot (so pushing AND relieving pressure with-in). Spring (adjustable) to balance things.
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 10 2022


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