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Long Reach Cellphone Controller

It looks like a selfie stick
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It’s not just a T-rex whose arms are too short*. Some folks develop hyperopia but don’t get reading glasses. You can spot them in restaurants, straining to read the menu at arm’s length.

Using a cellphone presents similar challenges for the hyperopic. The LRCC is a handheld touchpad with a telescoping wand to hold the cellphone further away. It remotely lets you text, swipe, and gesture on the touchpad while the screen is up to four feet away from your face, whatever works for your eyeballs. Nobody else needs to know yours eyes are weak, they’ll just think it’s a selfie stick.

* sure, it’s okay to make fun of dinosaurs and old folks, but mention thalidomide even once and the editor calls for a rewrite. geez…

a1, Oct 30 2022


       A lot of places have banned selfie sticks though. I can't see this being exempted from such bans.
21 Quest, Oct 31 2022

       Being banned in a lot of places might be seen as a badge of honour for a half-bakery idea.
pertinax, Oct 31 2022

       Why bother with the selfie stick at all? - just make an app that enlarges any screen text when the phone is held at arm's length away from the face.
xenzag, Oct 31 2022

       Because some people’s arms just aren’t long enough. And they may not need the text any larger, they can read small text just fine if it’s four feet away.
a1, Oct 31 2022


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