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Magic Massage clothing

For self-care
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Despite its well-earned reputation as a sex toy, the Hitachi Magic Wand (link) works great for therapeutic massage. But for self-care, it’s sometimes hard to hold it on just the right spot long enough to work out a muscle kink or pinched nerve.

The answer: A close fitting garment covered with lots of tight pockets the exact size to hold the HMW head in place. Find the pocket you need, push the wand in, and throw the switch!

May be used standing, sitting, or laying down, depending on your needs.

a1, Sep 23 2021

Hitachi Magic Wand https://en.wikipedi.../Hitachi_Magic_Wand
[a1, Sep 23 2021]


       You could have different versions, with pockets in (different) specific places. The "Eastern Accupressure" suit, the "Swedish Deep Tissue" suit, the "post-run" (or post-other-sport) suit...
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 23 2021

       A pulsating garment is approved by me [+]
xenzag, Sep 23 2021

       + I want mine in velvet pajamas!
xandram, Sep 23 2021

       "Is that a Hitachi Magic Wand in your pocket, or..."
hippo, Sep 23 2021

       It kind of needs custom massagers: flat and flexible so you can lean back in a chair or lie down without discomfort, and shapable to various pockets. Maybe a version that inflates and deflates for extra massaginess.
Voice, Sep 24 2021

       You people get massages?!   

       Oh, luxury!   

       I've got a tennis ball in a sock...
...and I'm greatful!

       You kids with your rub-downs, and your happy-endings... bah!... Soft! I say.
Why, in my day the walk to school was five miles uphill both ways in a blizzard and you were happy for the two layers of bread bags in your sneakers!

       Kids these days...   

       At least you got schools, we were locked in the mines without tools for 364 days a year, and beheaded if we didn't each dig our above average quotas of coal.
pocmloc, Sep 25 2021

       You had mines, and coal? You lucky bastard!
a1, Sep 25 2021


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